This page is a database of audio campaigns and spec commercials for your reference and use. You can download any of the commercials, many of which come with scripts, and edit them for use in your market.

Jewelry Store - Full Audio Donut Kit

This kit is designed for sale to a local jeweler; it creates a wonderful emotional set-up for the purchase of diamond jewelry by a man for a girlfriend / wife. This can run at any time with a 'special occasion' or 'birthday' angled tagline.

Full-production script, audio production example and donut you can use as a spec spot for potential clients. Play the full version as an example to your client and then use the donut version to drop in your client's business name. Couldn't be simpler!

Click here to download the full, example audio file (mp3).

Click here to download the donut audio file (mp3) for use with your client.

Click here to download the script in Word format you can customize with your client's tagged ending.

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