This page is a database of audio campaigns and spec commercials for your reference and use. You can download any of the commercials, many of which come with scripts, and edit them for use in your market.

From Idea To Commercial - A Connect Case Study

Last week we spent some time with a Connect user, Rob Crawford from WRHI in Rock Hill, SC. It's a great example of how you can use all the features of Connect to move from first contact through to finished commercial. Rob wrote us to say:

"Good Morning. My new client is Triple Creek Farm, a beautiful 200 acre farm & horse boarding facility on the edge of town. Client wants to focus on boarding, exceptional care and generating interest for his upcoming horse show. Any ideas for copy or tips are welcome!"

So, we asked Rob to go through this process using Connect, and said we'd help with the final commercial as well, as long as we could share the results with everyone else. This is what we wrote back:

"Hi Rob. There's so much that can be done with a client of this type - much of their product is very emotion-based and will lend well to good creative. What we'd like to do is help you through this process so that you can replicate it for other clients in the future.

The first thing you need is a more comprehensive brief from the client about the product and the commercial content - a proper copy brief if you don't already have one. Connect has a very simple process for this that you may not know about:

1) Open up the Calendar tab, and click anywhere on it to create a calendar event: then from the first drop-down choose "Appointment with Contact" and then, from the second drop-down, choose "Creative / Marketing Briefing", select this client and create the event (If you haven't added this client into your Contact Manager yet, you can select no client for now, add him in later in the Contacts section and edit the appointment if you want to by adding him in).

2) Within one minute, you'll see a suggestion pop up in the Suggestion Box to the right of the calendar, which says, "You can download a creative brief form here".

3) Clicking this message will take you to the Connect tab, and a Creative Brief form you can download and take with you to your appointment with this client. Be sure to go through every question carefully. When you return, you can use the information on this form as the basis for creating a good commercial.

One other thing - when you have the creative brief form filled in, you can find this client in your Contacts tab and click on his "Creative Brief" tab and enter the info from the form into here - this is a great way of keeping track of all this info on your clients - it turns each client's contact page into a one-stop place with everything you need to know about them right there.

Lastly, try searching through the info in the Connect tab for articles and tips on good copy writing (e.g. type "writing copy" into the search bar of Connect and see what comes up."

Rob went through this process and got himself a copy brief. We offered to come up with a script for him as part of this example. So, below you'll find the original script we sent and two versions of the commercial - Rob's first production and the final piece that went to air (he had to shorten it a little).

It's a great example of how the additional features of Connect can help you through the sales and creative process.

You can download our script here.

You can download Rob's first cut here.

You can download the finished, client-approved piece here.

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