This page is a database of audio campaigns and spec commercials for your reference and use. You can download any of the commercials, many of which come with scripts, and edit them for use in your market.

Handy Man Business Audio Concept

Every town has a number of Handy Man-type businesses. These often one-man industries tend to put a lot of their money into the Yellow Pages or local shopper. They may not have huge budgets, so this can leave little behind for radio.

Our experience though, is that a good, high frequency image campaign on radio can be much more successful for them than the yellow book that nobody reads. However, to sell it, you'll probably need to have a spec spot ready.

The example here focuses on getting the name of the business into people's heads and associating that name with an 'any situation' concept. If repeated enough, your listeners first reaction upon having something that needs fixing will be to think of your client. Stay away from focusing on phone numbers: if you run a campaign like this consistently, they can massively reduce the size of their yellow pages ad as people will look them up specifically for their phone number or find it online - and the money they would have spent in the book can go to you.

You can download this commercial and use it as a spec spot for your prospects. You can also download and alter the script to customize them for your prospects.

You can download the commercial here. (Right click and choose "Save target as..." or "Save link as..")

You can download the script here. (Right click and choose "Save target as..." or "Save link as..")

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