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School Enrollment Application Audio Campaign Idea

This is the time of year when parents have to begin thinking about and applying for places at schools for the 2009-2010 academic year. For private, charter and public schools with wide catchment areas or good reputations, competition for applications can be fierce.

This is one area where radio's emotional pull can work effectively and in a short, focused time period. We had to create a script for a private Christian school. You'll notice though that all the key driving words (in this case "Courage", "Action", "Truth", "Responsible", and "Change") can apply to secular schools as well, or replaced easily with key driving words which fit the thrust of your particular school client. Lastly, changing the word 'pray' to 'hope' in the penultimate line is probably the only other alteration you'd need to make.

What's most important is that this commercial works well in focusing on the fact that parents' choices of schools are largely emotional, and unless commercials in this sector reflect that, they are unlikely to be effective.

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Key words: schools, education, religion, children, college, teaching

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