What Will You Choose?

If I was informed the life or death of a complete stranger was entirely dependent on decisions made by me, what would I do? How would I act?

What would I decide?

If being courageous was the only way to achieve genuine success, would I choose to be brave?

If my confession helped someone yet was likely to destroy me, would I be selfless or cowardly?

If what falls from my mouth and flies from my soul were the only two things my child had available from which to learn, would I be vigilant and thoughtful about what I said and always considerate of the things I did?

If the only way to succeed was to steal, would I be a thief?

If my brother’s security was singularly dependent upon my actions and advice, would I do and say the same things to my neighbor?

If my happiness is up to me, why aren’t I happy?

If I had the choice to sleep or work which would I choose?

If I had the knowledge that by changing something within me, everyone around me would benefit, would I change the thing? If my pride kept me from telling the complete truth about my failings, would the truth have affected anything or anyone anyway?

If I never fulfill my true potential, never unleash my full power, and never listen or act upon my intuition will I die a sad or safe man?

If I never gave my child everything good within my power to give; fought for him with every ounce of my strength; taught him to love freely and endlessly; allowed him to simply be; shared with him wisdom; showed him how to pray; or how to have the courage to make a stand - of what worth would I be?

These aren’t difficult questions to answer in our hearts.

We all know right from wrong, fact from fiction, and self-centeredness from selflessness.

The difficulty is in committing to what is right, then fearlessly and selflessly seeing it through.

Sell without regret

Michael Tate