Always Was And Always Will Be

Salespeople are the driving force behind the success of every business In today's increasingly competitive and economically accountable commercial environment. the demand for highly skilled, driven, passionate, and professional salespeople is greater than ever. Do you know why you are in radio sales?

I've never met anyone who when asked as a child what they wanted to be when they grew up answered, "a salesperson".

What's your primary purpose and reason for being in selling, let alone selling radio advertising? Is it to get by? To make money, or to make piles of money? Is it to serve the greater good? Is it to help grow your radio station and company? To help grow your clients business? To play a role in society, or is it because you just like to meet other people? Is it to provide for your families present or future needs (and expectations)? Are you simply biding time and waiting for an announcers slot to open up, or did you just settle for what you thought was second best?

Do you know why you are in radio sales?

What aspect of your job do you really (really) feel passionate about? Because to survive today you'll need to have a valid reason for being there, and to be successful you'll need to be passionate about it.

How did you get here?

As I travel, speaking at conferences and working on radio sales training projects (meeting salespeople) it never ceases to amaze me how few people I've actually met in radio advertising sales who actually deliberately and consciously chose the sales path.

Don't misunderstand what I'm saying; selling is a dynamic and integral profession in the world today yet sometimes I believe both sales people and non-salespeople deeply disrespect it as a vocation. I feel this lack of respect is perhaps a result of selling's inherent difficulties - it's time it stopped.

I don't care how good a particular product or service is, I don't care how many people listen to your radio station, great products and services don't sell themselves, they are just easier to sell, which means we need great salespeople. If you don't believe me, fire the sales team, sit back and see what happens to your business.

Salespeople have to deal with disappointment, pressure, constant rejection, and failure on a daily and sometimes-hourly basis. These are not challenges that most people in other professions have to experience, nor do they have the heart or mind to. Yet if you don't know why you are in the profession of selling you will surely succumb to these pitfalls.

Selling is extremely hard work, always was and always will be and if you are to be successful you must be strong enough to overcome these difficulties and your self-doubts.

Every day can be an emotional roller coaster for salespeople. We can go from the top of the highest peak to bottom of the lowest dip and screaming right back up to the top again and all without taking a breath or as much as a by-your-leave from those around you.

I love salespeople. We're a unique, often misunderstood, and courageous breed.

For the most part it is agreed that the essential elements for success in selling are the desire to sell and the willingness to work hard at it. However from today I want you to also add in a good dose of respect. Self-respect and some respect from others.

They say respect needs to be earned and to some degree it does, but I believe it needs to be demanded. Demanded from the inner you and from the actions of others.

You're a hard working, brave, creative, pioneering, and creative human being - demand respect.

Sell without regret.

Michael Tate, President, ARIA Inc.

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