Fear is Deadly

Once again this week I am painfully reminded of the integral importance of ‘action’ as a key element in successful selling. Activity, output, productivity, efficiency, or yield - whatever you want to call it - you need it. Without it you’ll be as effective as “an ashtray on a motorcycle”.

We can’t achieve anything without action and momentum. I don’t care who you are or what you do, if you not seeking, searching, asking, deciding, accepting, and moving you’re not going anywhere. And what’s more in the station ledger your sales figures will show it.

I suspect the real issue for all of us who are in limbo, indecisive, unmotivated, or inactive is fear.

We write and talk a lot about fear at Aria - it courses through all our lives.

I feel it, my friends and family feel it, and from time to time I’m sure you do as well. Fear raises its ugly head in many forms and in all areas of our lives. In selling it often stops us from making cold calls; it silences us when we should be asking for the order; it cripples us when we know we should be asking for more money; and it buries us alive when we exaggerate our position in a particular circumstance. It also makes us apologize for what we do.

An anagram once shown to me detailed fear as “False Evidence Appearing Real”.

For some this anagram quickly helps diminish the choke-hold fear has on us, whilst for others it leaves us blankly staring at a wall.

From where does fear come, how does it manifest, and how is it overcome?

I’m positive we all understand real fear. The fear of a charging wild beast headed our way, for example. Being fearful in this situation is of course extremely healthy; it’s a human survival instinct. But what of our own imaginings? Our self-imposed fears? Those little and loud voices that constantly pound away telling us we’ll fail, that we’re not good enough, that things are simply not going to go our way? Success after all is for other people, isn’t it?

I don’t believe that personal inner-fear is ‘false evidence appearing real’. This type of fear may not be tangible, there may not be any real evidence, and your friends and family may not be able to see it surrounding you, yet for the sufferer it is real, and its deadly. This type of fear has taken many lives. It forced many into submission, mediocrity, and unfulfilled years - this evidence is all around you. So is it real, this fear? I believe so.

I’ve written before that procrastination is (I believe) a type of spiritual weapon that’s used against us, designed to slow us down and stop us from ever achieving what was initially created in us. Procrastination is a form of fear, yet it’s simply overcome when we stand up and take one step, in other words fear disappears when we take action.

Often I’ll listen to people pulling others down, particularly those who are successful. Its one of our uglier traits, I do it and I know you do as well. But what is the real difference between those successful people and us? Isn’t it action?

Fear is overcome by action. Courage comes as a result of action and not the other way around - you’ll never think yourself into being brave, but you can think yourself into a deeper darker hole.

Make today a day of action - be bold and bold things will be given to you, it’s a universal truth.

Sell without regret.

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