Be A Chameleon


People tend to speak in different ways depending upon their education, location, industry, and many other factors.

There is a theory dedicated to explaining the communication process: Neuro - Linguistic Programming (NLP). This theory has important implications for salespeople.

Briefly, NLP theory describes three modes in which people operate: sight (seeing), touch (feeling), sound (hearing). The mode a prospect is operating in can be determined from what they say.

For example, a person in the “sight” mode might say something like: “I see what you’re saying,” or “I get the picture.” Similarly, “feeling” people will make a statement like: “This just doesn’t feel like a good deal.” Or “I need to reach a better comfort level with this.” Sound oriented people will say things like: “That sounds like a winner.” and: “I hear what you’re saying.”

An understanding of NLP principles can become an extremely powerful sales tool. If you can learn to recognize what mode your prospect tends to favor, you can use language that fits the same mode. It takes practice, but the pay-off is worth the effort. Similar to the NLP approach is learning to pay attention to the pet phrases an individual tends to use. For example, sports terminology often provides clues.

“He dropped the ball on that one.”

“We’re all on the same Team.”

Clearly it could be to your advantage to use similar phrases in return. This can help you communicate on the same “channel” with your prospect, which can help drive the message across.

Using words and phrases with negative connotations can quickly self-destruct your presentation. So try to avoid such words as “can’t” and “won’t”.

Instead of saying “Your Ads won’t be going to air until Tuesday” try…

“We can have you on air first thing Tuesday”.

It’s also important to stay away from such phrases as “Do you understand what I’m saying?” “To be honest with you...”and “Now I might be wrong, but...” phrases like these are negative and carry unfavorable connotations. Effective communication is a learned skill.

Become an expert communicator and you will more than enhance your message and your commission.

Sell without regret.

Michael Tate
President: ARIA