Increased Productivity

You must be able to motivate yourself before you can motivate your sales staff. Bare in mind that relationships create opportunities and in the process of nourishing your relationship with your radio sales team, you will gain their trust and they will want to stay on top of their game, or job.
Be consistent, stay on course, do not prejudge - instead give everyone a chance to bring out their inner strength.
You must have the right mindset, zero doubt and believe in your sales team and yourself.
Communicate and explore their needs and expectations. Give incentives for actions and production. Know your business and be willing to share your knowledge. If they are successful, you are successful.
Your own energy, excitement and urgency is contagious and creates the proper attitude towards your course of action.
It is your job to help others find their inner strength and use everyone's talents to meet everyone's goals.
Enjoy what you do and stay focused on your staff.
We all must remember that life's lessons from an unassuming viewpoint - become better people and commit to stand by each other during good times and bad times.
By applying their inherent wisdom to your own life and circumstances I believe you will be successful in keeping your sales staff motivated.