Quitt'n Time

“It's always too early to quit,” said Norman Vincent Peale.

Radio sales is a tough business. For those of you who are struggling today, try to understand what it is that surrounds you, what it is that fills you, and what it is that motivates you. Perhaps the opposite is true.

It has been my experience that the best sales people in the world are those who are simply being themselves; nothing more, nothing less.

Salespeople aren't born, they are made.

Everything you need you already have. Work within these parameters. These are your gifts.

Your dignity, your charisma, and your intellect. Your sense of humor, your empathy, and your heart. A natural human being is pure, engaging, and charming. Is not anything else simply deceitful? I believe that great salespeople are those that cleanly bring themselves, their own personality, and their own character to the fore. They temper this with experience, product knowledge, and a sales skills set. Then they work, and work, and work.

It really is very uncomplicated.

Do you know that most of us think fairly poorly of ourselves? I believe most of us are born with a little gland inside our heads that is in charge of feeding us little droplets of self-loathing and various injections of insecurities. It's perfectly normal.

I have found that the real trick is to listen to my heart instead of my head.
Don't give up, give in. Surrender to what really matters.

Sell without Regret

Michael Tate
President: ARIA