I Watched A Man

As I write I recall some scenes from my last week or so.

My beautiful six-month-old son rolled over unaided and smiled at me with a love and innocence I'd never seen or even dreamed to feel before. A badly damaged body is formally identified two weeks after the terrorist bombings in Bali, Indonesia. It is James Hardman, a dear friend.

Amongst the din of Chinatown, four middle-aged out-of-towner women giggle with delight as they anticipate their boarding of a San Francisco Cable Car on Grant and California. Hundreds of tiny swallows perch peacefully, quietly, warming themselves in the 6AM sun on a rocky outcrop in a fishing boat marina, Eureka, CA. My darling wife and son board an aircraft traveling to Sydney Australia late Sunday night, to a memorial service for James. And a man grows, before my eyes, whilst selling radio advertising in Humboldt County, California.

As is my usual desire, I want within my writing to try and say something relevant, educational, uplifting, or radio sales-specific; but I find myself at a loss to deliver to you something of true consequence.

Instead I would prefer to share something of what I learned over the last seven days.

I learned that everything is in the moment.

I learned that there are faithful people, and that for each of us there is a complete and full story.

I learned that to bring the best out in people requires love, tough or otherwise, but always love.

I remembered to breathe just for me, and I learned to let go one more time again.

Sell without regret.

Michael Tate