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This page is a database of ready-to-use sales campaigns and proposals. Each creative idea contains a complete written proposal which you can customize in the Workshop section of this site. Many also contain extras, like audio, powerpoint presentations, info sheets, Microsoft Word versions etc. and the page is updated many times each week.

Talk Like A Pirate Day Sales Proposal

Get some extra dubloons by finding a sponsor for this years most swashbuckling radio quiz. International "Talk like a Pirate Day" September 19th 2009. This year you can run radio's fun-nest competition. Your listeners will be invited t' call th' radio station when they hear our seafarin' hearty Captain yell "Ahoy thar!" an' th' sound o' a cannon boom. The good news is we've done all the work.

This proposal can be customized inside Connect and includes a complete info sheet with instructions, quiz questions and a Microsoft Word version for editing outside of Connect, as well as web site banner artwork and tips & ideas and all the audio you need - the sounders, the trivia questions, everything you can customize and use for your station. Basic users pay only $19.99 for everything and Premium users get everything for free! So, if you don't have a Premium account yet, click on "Try Connect Premium" at the top of this page.

In the Creative Proposal Workshop, you can preview the proposal, customize it (change text, add your own station logos etc.) save it in your own folders, associate it with particular clients you have added to your Contacts, add in your spot info and print.

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Proposals / Campaigns