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Your Year

It's a brand new year, so what better opportunity to start some brand new thinking? I guess a simple change of date shouldn't really make any difference, but emotionally it does; somehow it's easier to draw a line between what came before and what's ahead when one year finishes and another begins.

So, this year, take this time of emotional opportunity to think about how the way you felt last year might be holding you back from growth in 2011. That's right, how you felt.

Radio's biggest enemy is it's self-image; But an industry doesn't have a self-image, it only has the combined self-images of everyone working in and using that industry. In other words, our individual feelings about our stations and radio in general translate into how radio is perceived by everyone else.

While this may sound like psycho-babble it is a real problem; more, it's a problem that makes your selling job each day harder and harder as time goes by. The bottom line? If you don't feel like your station is worth buying, not only will you not be able to sell it efficiently, but eventually everyone else will feel it's not worth buying either.

What can you do? First of all, start this year by trying to look at your station from an entirely different perspective; your listeners'. Forget about your ratings, I don't care about them. I know that a whole bunch of people listen to your station and so do you. That they're listening means that your station is a vital and regular part of their lives. This statement is true no matter how many other people have told you they don't listen or they don't like it or they won't advertise.

Now look at your advertisers. Forget about measuring ROI's or pleasing agencies. I don't care about them. I know that you have a whole bunch of advertisers who have used your station regularly and whose businesses have grown because of it. This statement is true no matter how much you get trashed by your competition or ignored by some media director.

Now take a look at yourself. You're a decent human being aren't you? You have some family, at least a friend or two who think you're great?

You do? Then you have everything you need. You have an audience, you have a product, you have a string of past successes and you are not an axe murderer. What's to stop you making 2011 your best year ever?

All you need to add to this list is a solid focus on productivity. But real productivity increases are hard if you're not feeling motivated or good about yourself. (Or, if you use the full range of tools in ARIA Connect!). So, take this new perspective, take the energy it gives you and focus on getting out there. Don't allow yourself to be beaten down again; get up, get on the phone and get out on the street.

Because 2011 is your year.

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