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Action & Courage 2013

The underlying laws and principles of selling have remained relatively unchanged since the dawn of time. Yet a great deal of us who sell for a living continue to search for some secret in the hope of finding an easier, softer way. Some method by which we can reduce the need for our courage and commitment to be applied to the selling process.

Selling can be distilled to very simple laws and principles. And whilst there are literally thousands of branded selling systems (all purporting to have the answer) from which to choose, generally these only serve the purpose of helping differentiate one sales book and selling system from another in order to market them more effectively to you.

The bottom line - assuming your radio station's advertising features & benefits have been identified, and your sales team has defined & identified your prospective advertiser target market, the sales process works like this: prospect; interview; analyze needs; present; negotiate; close; then service and follow-up. Required of course are large quantities of action and courage.

There are no easy answers, only simple ones.

It is by doing our duty that we learn to do it.

If we continue to dispute whether or not a thing is a part of our duty, we never get nearer. Even if we go about our sales day full of fear and a lacking basic sales skill sets, even if we believe failure is imminent, because we have merely taken some action the face of things will alter. We will find in ourselves strength and be given courage, which we knew nothing of. And difficulties, which it seemed insurmountable, will soon disappear.

Learn, act, and apply.

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