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10 Keys to Creating and Growing a Successful Fan Page on Facebook

Here are some things you need to keep in mind about setting up and growing a fan page on Facebook for your radio station, on-air personalities, shows and promotions:

1. When setting up your page use images that are fun, random and that will spark online comments from fans.
2. Post all your upcoming events. This is another avenue to educate listeners on what your station is doing in the community. Remotes, nonprofit fundraisers, concerts etc… are all good things to create event listing. Make your fan page a resource for this type of information.
3. Don’t forget to include links to your station website and other sites your station is connected too.
4. Include listener call in numbers and email address just like you would on your own website.
5. Create a photo album for everything you can. Take a lot of pictures and post them often. Posting pictures show up as Highlights on Facebook and non fans will see these. A good picture post can lure several fans into joining your page.
6. Post video too. Video content can also drive new fans to your site and get old ones to return more often.
7. Post “What’s on your mind?” on a regular basis. 2-6 posts a day will get you a 5 star post rating from Facebook. Remember to attach photos, links, video and whatever else Facebook comes up with to attach to the post. This also improves your post quality and Facebook will share in the Highlights section that people are fans of your page more often.
8. Send “Fan Updates” at least once a week. These should be for the important things like concert announcements, promotion details, remote locations or the launch of a new game, artist or sporting event. Don’t send updates too much or they will not be taken seriously when fans log on to view them.
9. Find key fans with large numbers of friends on Facebook in your market. Offer these “super fans” a prize for just inviting their friends to become fans of your station’s page. This is a fast way to build fan numbers quickly.
10. Promote your fan page on air and on your station website. Do more than put the “f” icon on your homepage. Facebook will give you a small piece of programming code you can plug into your website that will show your recent posts and thumbnail photos of some of your fans. The code allows your website visitors to join your fan page right from your homepage.

Remember that much of the content will be duplicated from your current station website. However, you are reaching people that may never type in your station web address but they will join your online fan page. Don’t allow too many people at your station to serve as an admin. Dedicate one or two people to keeping the fan page updated. All the staff should be a fan but not everyone needs to be able to post something otherwise… well you know what will happen!

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