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Not Quite True

If you've read my articles in before you'll know that my focus tends to lean toward the emotional and spiritual aspects of selling radio advertising.

Selling is really quite simple. The mechanics of it have never really changed through the years.

Let’s face it, most of us know what to do and how to do it, but it is within the actual 'doing' of it that many of us come unglued.

If you've been under-performing in your sales job for some time now (of course we can blame the state of the economy); know that you're probably not dealing with a mechanical issue of the sales function, or a lack of something in your radio station, you're more likely to be ignoring a spiritual or emotional problem within yourself.

It’s extremely difficult for any of us to accept our own failings, so difficult in fact that many of us never achieve any form of real self acceptance about what it is we do and why we do it - and not wanting to sound too cute we end up living a life of self-except-ance. "Its everyone and everything else's fault except mine."

Taking ownership and full responsibility for all that has happened to us in our own lives (right down to this week's sales results) is a big deal and no mean feat for some. Some of us faced with its enormity will even publicly deny (trying desperately to convince ourselves) that we are not the cause of our own misery, faults, and plight right up to the day we die.

Yet think about it?

No, feel it?

Who is responsible for you?

You know the truth, the real truth.

In selling, it's become terribly easy these days not to take responsibility for the results we turn in, and in truth I think many around us even encourage this lack of ownership.

The words and catch phrases we've used over the years to sell things have changed, but the fact is humans haven't changed that much at all. I believe we spend far too much time searching for easy answers to our challenges, and researching and formulating excuses as to why we don't belong on the hook even before disaster happens. After all, it is everyone else's fault isn't it?

Even the highest authority of radio promotion in the US often publicly states, "radio is the poor cousin", that "the economy is to blame", and of course we see fingers pointing towards new technology. Who or what will be responsible for our mediocrity next month?

Most selling terms these days are mere psychobabble, they're facades that allow us not to deal with the real truth of our own failings. We psychobabble our way in and out of owning the responsibility of anything these days.

For me - if I hear one more person tell me their woes in life are caused by "inner-child" issues; or their lack of identity in a relationship is caused by "living with a narcissist"; or at work "I can't sell this station because the economy sucks" - I'll gag, because its just not true!

Am I being too strong?

Sure some people are stronger than others, sure everyone has problems; the more people I meet, the more I’ve come to know that everyone has a story of hardship and tragedy - one which they choose to lay under and be smothered by, or one they choose to overcome.

Of course it's up to you.

We're all frightened. We all feel completely alone from time to time, we all feel uncertain, under-appreciated, and unintelligent, and occasionally completely and utterly lost to it all.

The truth of the matter is that if you are honestly happy, clear, and resolute about what it is you are doing with and in your life; then everything will be okay; it already is.

The fears, the loneliness, the tragedies, and the uncertainties will never entirely fall away - that's part of the human condition. It's how you deal with it in the end that truly matters. It won't matter to your friends, your family, or me, it will only matter to you, but it will matter.

It was once said to me if God doesn't exist then absolutely nothing matters, but if God does exist, absolutely everything matters. I'm ever so slowly learning I can't have my cake and eat it too.

If you today, in your life in general, within your job, and through your relationships are finding that things aren't quite right, then you need to do some work.

I have learned through pain and silent irritation that if something's not quite true, then it is completely false. There are no half-truths, no gray areas, only truths and untruths. If something isn't quite right then it is wrong.

Feel what I'm saying, don't think about it.

Don't use intellect to justify the truth within yourself - use your internal measures, your gifts, and your spirit, and seek out the truth of you.

Are you willing to know the complete truth; to see the worst of it; to embrace the very best of it; are you able to sit with it and simply let it be?

No more and no less, the truth is enough.

What's the truth about the way you sell today?

Sell without regret.

Michael Tate
President: ARIA INC

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