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Greatness Comes From Within

What's the difference between greatness and mediocrity?

Why is greatness the burden of so few, while mediocrity is the warm bland comfort of so many for the entirety of their lives?

What is greatness? For that matter, what is mediocrity?

For some people greatness may be judged as spending time with some who suffers from some terrible physical or emotional disorder. Mediocrity, on the other hand, might ultimately be the state someone is in after having made a decision to “go for the money”, making it, but in the end discovering they’re alone.

Within your inner depths you know what is great and what is mediocre about you.

Greatness resides in all of us. But from where does it come? How is it activated? How can we make the most of it?

If we think about human beings and we think about the idea of the greatness we can attain (individually and collectively) we can only really arrive at one conclusion about the source of greatness. Yes?
The potential for greatness, the spark or the catalyst, couldn’t have existed in the primordial ooze or in the cell from which we are germinated, could it? The gift of greatness can dwell only in the soul.

Greatness is a spiritual gift already within you, and especially endowed upon you. However it’s up to you as to whether or not you seek the courage to use it. Greatness isn’t a physical part of you, to think the magnificence of a human being can only be simply some part of a gene pool, or plain dumb luck is, at best, a stretch. Even if greatness never comes from you, if push comes to shove, you know there is much more swirling around you than the mere physical world.

The evidence is all around you - you could see it, if only you’d open your eyes.

What has all this to do with selling radio advertising?

Possibly nothing then again, perhaps everything.

The spirit that lives within you is your potential for greatness - it wouldn't be there otherwise.

Unleash it, learn about it, nurture it, and live it.

Sell without Regret

Michael Tate
President: ARIA

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