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Feelings, nothing more than feelings… How will the audience feel when they use your client’s product or service? If you can transmit that emotional experience in a commercial, you’ll get listeners to visit the advertiser or even begin using the product or service in their minds. Their imaginations will provide the most powerful “test drive” on the planet. Create a story that will put the listener in the situation where they’ll experience those feelings.

Another approach: have the audience feel what life would be like without the product or service in their lives, and then how much better they’ll feel with it. It takes the problem/solution scenario and turbo charges it with emotion. Make the feelings come alive with sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Make them want it. Then show them how easy it is to get that feeling – go to the store, call the number or log onto the web site.

We all want to be happy. Write your commercial to show us how we can be happy. Help us picture in our minds being happy using your client’s product or service. It’s the ultimate benefit sell.

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