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Pique Your Prospect's Interest

The way to arouse a prospect during a sales presentation is to offer a benefit immediately. Every prospect has two big questions in mind when a salesperson calls: "How can I benefit from listening to this person? Will I be wasting my time?"

The more you can discover about what motivates your prospects, the better chance you’ll have of selecting the opener that will get their attention and establish interest early. Without this preparation, you have to make an intelligent guess based on past experiences with similar prospects and the benefits your product or service gives to its customers. Here are some suggestions:

• Ask questions. Questions require answers. The prospect has to stop his or her current thinking to form the answer, so you get attention quickly. The question should relate to the benefits you will be offering: for example, “What is the largest problem you are having with your current inventory, Mr. Forbes?”

• Use visuals. A natural attention-getter is, “Let me show you.” What you display should pave the way for your benefits, and it should include charts, models, spec ads — whatever can grab their interest.

• Tell a story. We all like to hear a stimulating story. In this case, telling how a similar customer solved a problem is usually interesting to the right prospect.

• Involve the prospect. All of these suggestions really involve getting the prospect’s undivided attention. Instead of just looking or listening to you perform, get the prospect into the act by doing something physical, like holding, feeling, smelling, listening etc.

Interest alone won’t make the sale, but without interest, there is no desire, and without desire, there is no hope of making a sale!

Reproduced by permission of RadioInk Magazine

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