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Swamped by the greatest recession the US has seen since The Great Depression, it appears everyone is down. For us (the radio industry) sales are down, for others layoffs are imminent, job security is being dictated by numbers, the staff are frightened and overworked, overwhelmed, just trying to keep things going. Naturally we can assume radio sales people’s morale is at an all time low as well. Of course there are some exceptions to the rule but in general radio stations and their sales people are feeling low.

So, how do you motivate a negative and a minimally motivated sales team?

Keeping your clients happy right now must be your number one concern, but what are you doing to make sure your sales people are happy and productive even in slow times?

Essentially your sales team wants to know two things: they want to know they matter, and they want to know, (and feel), they are making a contribution to the radio station and their families. If you as a sales manager are angry, resigned, and basically on auto pilot and not paying attention, what kind of message do you think you are sending?

"Teams do not go physically flat, they go mentally stale." - Vincent Lombardi

Right now is the time for you to be having honest and truthful conversations to find out what excites and motivates your sales team, and what it is that keeps them going? Because if you don't, you could lose your top-earning sales people and that is definitely not something you want happening in any type of economy. You can have all the incentive plans available to your staff, but if you don't really know what presses their buttons, or don’t pay up on your promises, then you’ll be dead in the water. If you want to know what it takes to keep happy and motivated sales people, then you need to ask them.
There are three kinds of motivators for salespeople: money, time, and recognition.

Ask questions and be willing to listen to their answers. Keep in mind you are building trust with your sales team. If you have valuable sales staff, do your part to keep them happy, productive, and working as a cohesive team. Remember it costs more to hire and train new employees than to retain the great ones you already have in your business.

Be willing to make the necessary changes to create a happy, productive, positive environment for your sales staff. I'm not just talking about buying Starbucks and muffins for the team every Friday. You need to know each individual's particular personality and what they need to hear or get from you.

Your sales people are the foundation that keeps the radio station viable through thick and thin. When it is all said and done, by knowing the motivators that keep your team satisfied, you will create more sustainable results and greater success in your business in all types of economic conditions.

Sell without Regret

Michael Tate, President ARIA

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