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Another game from the world of improv …adapted for radio. A play-by-play announcer and a color commentator describe an ordinary activity as if it were the game of the week.

1: Looks like another thrilling Saturday night here at Bob’s apartment. He’s hunkered down in front of the TV…reaches for the remote…

2: Doesn’t he know that The Lizard Lounge has two live bands tonight?

1: Guess not. He flips from one channel to another…this IS exciting

2: And that drinks are half price?

1: Bob’s going for a second helping of popcorn!

2: He could be meeting someone magical tonight at the Lizard…

You can expand this approach to be a movie review, a documentary, a game show, a soap opera, a newscast. Contrast the quality of life with and without the advertiser’s products and services, or make an ordinary activity larger than life (better, more exciting, healthier, more fun) because of the benefits the advertiser provides.

SFX: Thunder,

Music: dramatic, anticipatory, mysterious

Anncr: You feel the rumbling from deep within. The fiery pangs of hunger that only one thing can quench. You stumble to the refrigerator, open it…

Music: huge crescendo

Anncr: And behold your salvation - the Pepperoni Avalanche Deluxe from Jerry’s Kitchens - the take home pizza that won’t leave you wanting…more.

This technique can be adapted to use the formats from a number of radio features like newscasts, weather reports, human interest stories, traffic reports, accident scene coverage and advice programs, to name but a few.

Again, your imagination is the limit, which means – no limits.

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