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Have you ever had an opportunity in your life to wait for an important guest in your home? Anxiety, excitement, and curiosity are the hallmarks of this waiting. Do you know that there is a man, woman, or child in the world waiting for your action and courage today?

The world is waiting on you for inspiration. Young men and women are waiting for the voice that says it can be done. They are waiting for that voice that says poverty can be alleviated. They are waiting for the voice that refuses to accept defeat. They are waiting for the voice that refuses to succumb under the enormity of economic challenges.

The community is waiting for men and women who refuse to be disappointed. Yes, the men and women who refuse to despair. The men and women who will stand tall even in the face of despair.

A voice of the voiceless is what the world needs as a matter of urgency. A power of the powerless is what the world is looking for. Yes indeed, a speaker of the speechless. This voice of reason is you. This voice of hope is you. This voice of encouragement is you. You are the voice of inspiration.

The world is waiting for a vibrant generation to arise from its comfort zones to inspire change.

Generations that will not only speak without fear and favor but will also walk the talk. Generations that will provide transformational leadership and mentorship.

Do not look for anyone else. The voice is you. The leader is you. The motivator is you. The life skill coach is you. The inspiration is you. The role model is you. You have what it takes.

Sell without Regret

Michael Tate

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