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You're Not Alone

Do you know what your greatest desire is, what your innermost dreams are?

Do you embrace them each day?

Can you define them at deep and unadulterated levels?

Can you taste them, see them, and feel them?

I am certain that if you are anything like me; you will be able to tell me what your greatest fears or your primary weaknesses are. You're not alone.

Our core weaknesses will always try to frustrate us from realizing our deepest desires, and our purest goals.

Often through our lives we are trained and conditioned to try and focus on our strengths in order to overcome our shortcomings. We try to build our strengths up, harnessing them for the betterment of ourselves (and hopefully those around us) whilst trying to ignore or overcome our weaknesses.

Yet isn't that a little like trying to look the other way while running along the edge of a dangerous cliff?

We’re curious creatures aren't we?

It somehow seems much more appealing to us to run along life's knife edge, spiritually, emotionally, or physically, than to face our own limits and our weaknesses. If we use this approach to live our lives by, we will often find that our weaknesses win out. But why is this so?

Our weaknesses will impede our success and in the end, if left unchecked and unmanaged, will determine our fate. Ultimately our weaknesses will hold us back from completely fulfilling the promise of us - the promise of you.

If you want to attain your desires and your goals shine a torch directly on your weaknesses. Figure out exactly what it is that triggers them, be vigilant with them, and face them head on. If you need to (and most of us will), relent from your pride, surrender from the struggle and ask someone for help - because you're not alone.

Your strengths will take care of themselves because these are your gifts given to you.

Use your gifts but don't ignore your weaknesses.

Sell without regret.

Michael Tate

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