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Discover New Worlds

Apart from someone who has inherited a fortune, do you know anyone who has become a success simply by sitting around waiting to be discovered?

I let go of a salaried job more than a few years ago now, and founded radioDCL (now ARIA Inc) with my business partner Matt Hackett literally on the smell of an oily rag. A dynamic, passionate, and exciting idea launched on a wing and a prayer.

Letting go of what is known and jumping from the proverbial cliff certainly does let you know you're alive. And the journey for me so far has been painful, exhilarating, fear-filled, joyous, sometimes disappointing, but always it has been deeply satisfying. Of course a new emotion could leap upon me at any moment; yet I wouldn't change a thing.

Taking a risk with your life, and at times with your family's well-being, is one of those roads less traveled. For me though it will be the gutter or the glory, because I can’t see the point of aiming for the in-between, the bland and mediocre.

Our world is bursting with amazing and life-altering (all be they risky) opportunities. If we get comfortable and take the safe road with our lives all the time, ultimately we will lose.

Taking a risk does mean leaving your comfort zone, and feeling fear goes with this territory. Know this however, God will never give you any more than you can handle, even if at times it feels like your heart is going to explode from your chest, and the weight of the world burdens you so much it feels as though you will never be able to stand again, you will come through - God knows what you can bare.

Matt has a saying that goes something like this - "To discover new worlds, one must lose sight of the shore". Meaning, if you want to discover and embrace new opportunity you must sometimes let go of the known. When we lose sight of risk, we lose sight of opportunity - doesn't this apply to us physically, mentally, and spiritually?

To become a great sales person, to be successful, to take some risks – jumping from that cliff with your eyes wide open – the truth is the greatest risk we can take with our lives and our families is to take no risk at all.

Sell without regret.

Michael Tate

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