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Handling Rejection

A major challenge for many salespeople is confronting and dealing with rejection. If we suffer from an inability to handle it our success will always be limited.

Many motivational and self-help books (seminars and courses) tell us that we need to think positively and to not take things personally when rejection comes in selling.

Yet most salespeople I have met don't seem to be able to do this. I don't know about you, but in the dim distant past when I was learning to sell and I lost a sale, I would end up feeling stupid and inadequate, because these feelings of rejection would overwhelm me even if I tried not to take it personally.

Any sales book that tells you "it isn't personal" was probably written by someone who has never sold anything. Of course its personal, you're a person, the person you're selling to is a person - its personal!

What we need to do is learn how to deal with it - not ignore it.

What will help you to handle feelings of rejection is to recognize that there is a part of you that is always vulnerable. This part of us is linked directly to our feelings of self-doubt and insecurity. Any disappointment, rejection, confrontation, frustration, and loss will always make us feel anxious and small. It's normal - after all we're only human.

In order to handle rejection successfully we simply need to recognize and accept that we have and will always have these feelings.

Learn not to be too hard on yourself - it will just make you feel worse and less effective. Just say to yourself "it's okay"; be gentle with yourself; get up; and start walking again.

Awareness of your vulnerability, acceptance of these feelings, and subsequent action will have amazingly positive effects on you and will diffuse the immobility rejection causes.

Norman Vincent Peale wrote:

"The as if principle always works. Act as if you're not afraid and you'll become courageous, as if you could and you'll find you can. Act as if you like a person and you'll find a friendship."

Move forward boldly this week, accepting who you are, actively attacking your troubles, and anticipating amazing outcomes.

Acceptance is the key.

Sell without regret

Michael Tate

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