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The Promise

How often do we get caught up focusing on the wrong things?

How often are our minds gripped with some problem, place, or personality imagining that if we could only change the circumstance of our vexations our lives would be better? Yet in the end, and only after some pain subsides, do we come to realize we don't have the ability to change anything (other than ourselves) at all.

We don't possess control over anything, absolutely nothing. Nevertheless, we pander to this self-indulgent illusion.

This worry and anxiety we suffer only ever succeeds to block our progress, to impede our work and productivity, and ultimately holds us back from what is truly on offer.

Instead of worrying about your quarterly quota, simply do your work. The revenue will come and the worries will disappear, that's the promise.

Instead of being anxious about calling a client after the completion of a less than sufficient advertising campaign, get on the telephone and face your day. You will be amazed at the outcome before you are half way through, that's the promise.

Instead of looking for an easier way to find people to advertise on your radio station, step away from the fax machine, stop sending email messages, and begin contacting people directly. You will even enjoy the process once the fear has washed away, that's the promise. And rather than worrying about the people who will say "no" to your offerings, search for the ones who will say "yes" and the ones who will say "no" because both are true. It is the "maybes" that will kill your sales career that's a promise.

Enjoy the blessings of this and every day when God sends them. And if you are confronted with challenges and diversions during today, bear them patiently with a good heart because this day (today) is yours and yours alone. We are dead to yesterday, and we are not yet born to tomorrow. But if we look ahead and bring into today's thoughts the malevolence of the many days ahead, the obstacles real and imagined, what will be and what will never be, our load will be as unbearable as it is unreasonable.

So lighten your load and let go of what you cannot control.

Learn to live and work in the 'now'. It is the hardest thing you and I will ever learn to do, yet it will be the most exquisite experience you will ever have, that's the promise.

Sell without regret.

Michael Tate

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