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Iced Coffee Is Good

Is what you do helpful?

Do your actions support you and those around you in the sales team, at the radio station, or in your marketplace? Do your actions make people want to be around you, or to be part of the team? Does your sales manager worry at the thought of losing you to the radio station down the road? Do your actions make your clients enthusiastic about their advertising, and even enthusiastic enough to refer you to their peers?

Whether your recognize it or not your actions speak louder than words - they always have and they always will

It's not what you say; it's what you do that counts. Are people attracted or repelled by the fruit on your tree?

To be truly successful you need to be directed and active in all that you do because it's the actual work, the process that will move you to where you are supposed to be. It will help wash away the fear of financial insecurity and build a strong foundation of job security.

Stop looking for the supposed secret to selling, or the easier softer way to success - success is all in the doing and not the having.

We hear that the economy is beginning to turn the corner - but so what? Big deal. Why is it that guy or girl on your team who always does well every month in ad billings has never been affected? It's their action; it's their attitude. You probably won't find them around the water cooler not taking responsibility for their billing results. But of course it is the economy's fault isn’t it? We can easily place the blame on it and justify our non-performance. Whole companies and governments are doing it why not you? It's not possible that somebody or something else is responsible is it?

Before you leave your desk today - do it right now. Open up your diary and on the 1st working day of each of the month write at the top of the page one of these questions.

 Have I take responsibility today?

 Was I active and productive today?

 Do I understand I’m responsible only for my actions and not my sales outcomes (but only if you’re doing the work)?

 Did I help someone today?

 Did I improve my productivity today?

 Am I giving enough time to my family? If it’s not about those you love then it’s about nothing at all.

 Am I selling advertising programs designed to help my clients or to help me?

 Is the radio station I work for tuned in, in my car and my home right now?

 Is my motivation for selling noble or nonsense?

 Have I telephoned, emailed, or visited a client just to see how they’re doing; with the deliberate intention of not selling them anything at all?

 Do I have enough courage to direct a prospect or client to an advertising competitor because it is a better option for them?

 Have I gossiped about someone; exaggerated a story; have I been indignant and short with someone; or lacking in responsibility in my private or professional life today? And have I apologized?

One question for each month, and then at the beginning of each month, review each question and how it applies to you. If things aren’t going so well and you'd like to improve, create yourself an action plan to change the way things are.

I was speaking to a team of radio salespeople recently about commitment and how we all need to apply commitment in all areas of our lives; not just with selling.

Forgive me for quoting scripture, but even God says that he doesn't mind if you are hot for Him of cold for Him (he'd prefer you to be hot for him), but it is those who are lukewarm which he spews from his mouth.

In secular terms - hot coffee is great. Iced coffee is good too. But warm coffee! It's bitter and unpleasant.

Some of us understand the analogy of the fence sitter. Be on one side or the other but never in the middle because you’ll end up getting hurt. Yet making a commitment to be one way or another is difficult in a fence-sitting world isn’t it? And regardless of which side you choose people will persecute you, but as the man once said, if you can’t take criticism do nothing.

For you to be successful in your life you need to be either hot or cold in everything you do. There are no wrong decisions because decisions allow momentum and that’s what the journey is about.

Decide what you are passionate for and for what you are not. Accept that you are hot or cold for these things and make it a rule to be hot or cold for anything. Decide which you are and become it, step into action, move in or move on, but don't allow yourself to fall into mediocrity - it is a small, dark, dismal place to be.

Make some decisions today…

…and sell and live, without regret.

Michael Tate

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