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Audio Chemistry

A casual look at the Journal “Hormones and Behavior” reminds us of the power of radio.

Movies Really Can Put You in the Mood, Study Finds.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Watching a movie can boost
hormone levels, making men and women feel more
romantic or more aggressive, U.S. researchers said on

Sentimental films such as "The Bridges of Madison
County" caused levels of the hormone progesterone to
rise by more than 10 percent in both men and women,
the team at the University of Michigan found.

Women's testosterone levels were unchanged during and
after the Clint Eastwood movie about a love affair,
while men's testosterone levels fell.

"The Godfather Part II" aroused a different sort of
passion. While watching the crime and action film, men
with the highest levels of testosterone had them soar
by as much as 30 percent more.

"When you're watching movies, your hormones are
responding, not just your mind," said Oliver
Schultheiss, a psychology professor who led the study.

As we know, well-crafted radio commercials are little movies for the mind…and obviously affect the rest of the body as well. This helps explain why stories told with emotion are more memorable.

Events with emotional significance cause electrochemical changes in our nervous system and are more likely to be stored as long-term memory. Stories are both the way we store memories and the way we recall them.

Want better results for your clients? Try a little emotional chemistry.

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