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Caveat Emptor

My grandfather once said to me “You’re either a buyer or a seller Michael, which one are you?”

The truth is we shift from one to the other and back again from one moment to the next.
If you’re predominantly a ‘buyer’, it’s likely you are allowing other people to run your life. Your husband, wife, lover, friends, your boss; even your children will have more influence in and on your life than you.

Perhaps you are buying material things to fill that eternal hole, or maybe you’re selling things trying to achieve the same.

Fundamentally buying, or not buying, and the reasons why you do or don’t I’ll leave to you, but always remember everything carries with it its own consequences no matter the thing purchased – Caveat Emptor. On selling however, if you don’t understand how to formulate and present your needs and opinions in ways that motivate people to become interested in listening to (buying into) what it is you have to say, you will find your needs and opinions constantly being overshadowed by everyone else’s.

Instead of selling the need or the thought you wanted to, you will always end up buying the desire or problem someone else puts forward.

Simply put, the people who know how to influence you will be presenting their needs and wants in an interesting, intriguing, perhaps pushy, or convincing manner; and they’ll always be moving towards asking you for a decision, a commitment. Once given, commitment is difficult to take back, because it becomes a moral dilemma within you.

Any type of salesmanship (and that’s what it is) should always (hopefully) be motivated by an act of creating a mutually beneficial agreement. This view may strike you as being very different from the present way you think of yourself and the people around you; helping them understand your needs and desires, whilst being mindful of theirs.

Normally when we think of a salesperson, we think of someone who is trying to sell us something in exchange for money; or worse, someone who wants to push us into something we don’t want or need, but this is a very narrow view of the process.

Selling and buying, buying and selling its happening all the time with everyone and everything.
We’re all selling something physically, spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually – we’re all selling or buying something.

What is it you’re selling? What are you buying?

Believe it or not we are, all of us, already very accomplished salespeople. Selling ourselves and those around us on the reasons why we’ve done this or that. Why we’re full of self-pity; why we blame our parents for the obstacles in our lives; why the boss is a jerk; why our children are the way they are. Why we’re over-weight, why we’re not. Why God isn’t real, why we ignore him. Why we don’t smile. Why we’re not in a relationship, and why we’re not doing the things we dreamed of doing.

If you’re selling miserable products, especially to yourself, shouldn’t you maybe swap and sell something worthwhile? You know the manufacturer and distributor of said products is you, don’t you?

Taking responsibility for ourselves, the decisions we make and the ones we don’t is a difficult task at best, but what else is there to do?

There are two kinds of people in the world, sellers and buyers.

Which one are you?

Sell without regret

Michael Tate

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