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Finding the Balance

A not so wise man once said something very wise to me. He said that every relationship needs to be 50:50; that if there is an imbalance in a relationship eventually at some point in time the party taking the lesser will seek to level the score, even take more than the warranted pound of flesh. In other words things might get ugly.

Resentment is a curious thing. Most of you reading right now will be automatically recalling a time when you felt to be the one in the relationship with the lesser allocation. Did you get your pound of flesh or are you still boiling under the burden of the resentment?

Be it spiritual, physical, emotional, or plain old business; relationships are tough. And radio sales is all about relationships.

Yet what about the other side? It is undeniably very rare for any of us to look beyond ourselves.

Are you in relationships in which you are winning? Are you the greater in a 60:40 relationship? A seventy / thirty association? I suspect that unless it causes problems, you probably haven't noticed. But are you taking more than your share?

Take a moment today.

Who is taking more and who is giving more, you or your client? You or your boss? You or your colleague? In your personal life is it you or your child? You or your spouse? Your Creator or you?

Are you willing to look?

Take a look today, because eventually if you don't take care, someone else may simply start doing the taking, regardless if the imbalance is real or imagined.

Take care today.

Sell without regret

Michael Tate

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