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There is One who has all Power.

During a sales training session with one of ARIA’s clients a sales person asked me what I thought the secret to selling was.

"There is no secret," I said.

Selling is about action and courage. It's about persistence and productivity. It's about empathy, listening, and of course it's about asking people to make decisions.

Yet I saw a look in my questioner's eyes that demanded more from me.

"I know all that stuff! Its been hammered into me ever since I began selling, in every sales training session I've ever sat through, and in every self-help sales book I've ever read. But what's the real secret?" And all of that in a single look.

So I told her what I believe.

"You are the perfect salesperson already, just the way God created you. Perfect in your creation. Perfect at the very heart of you. There is nothing more you need. Absolutely nothing is more engaging than a person unafraid to be himself or herself, unadulterated, confident, and unaffected.

"The challenge in selling for some of us is that we tend to think that when we are selling we have to be somebody or something else, because we feel we are not good enough just as we are.

"The best salesperson in the world is someone purely and simply being himself or herself. I truly believe no one, not one of us can sell something to someone who doesn't want to buy - it is a falsehood and it's dangerous to believe otherwise. The secret to selling is simply being you.

"Your job in simple terms is to ask questions, discover needs, to present your station in the best light possible, and then to respectfully ask, "Do you want to dance?" "Do you want to buy?" "Do you want to reap the benefit of advertising on my radio station or not?" "Do you or don't you?" "Yes or No?" Our job ultimately is to ask for a decision.

"The actual result of any selling exchange, your prospects response, is not in your hands.

"If you have been you. If you have done your best with the selling skills you have the result, the real result belongs to God not you."

You have the power to work hard. The power to decide on what attitude you will have today, and you have the power to change you. To think you have power over anything else (including someone's decision to buy) is illusion.

This doesn't mean however that you should kick back relax and wait for all to come to you. Or that you should cease to work hard at improving your knowledge and sales skills - as an old friend once said to me "if you want a cup of tea, you better put the kettle on".

Be happy to be you.

Sell without regret

Michael Tate

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