Need an additional $530,000?

We all know how many companies are out there who promote some kind of 'seminar-based' sales program and promise to deliver large amounts of revenue in a short time. We also know how often those projects can lead to disappointment in your market, initial success followed by high levels of client attrition and ultimately a negative experience for your station and your team.

ARIA's 'revenue.generator' really is different. We focus on three areas that others ignore:
a) real education for your local business people so the workshops they attend are truly beneficial and enjoyable, whether they buy advertising from you or not
b) using your station's promotional power and your station branding to best effect - making you the hero, not us.
c) training your team in best-practice sales methods, so they can take full advantage of the program then and on into the future - only ARIA's 'revenue.generator' is created and run by a company who puts as much effort into sales research, methodology and training as we do into our revenue-generation projects (just look at this site, for example).

Sure, we would say all this. So, here's what one of our latest clients said:

“When we first started looking into implementing the Aria project, we were skeptical due to the fact that we are very protective of our branding philosophy in Mid-West Family Broadcasting. I actually went and saw an Aria presentation myself and immediately became a believer that not only would the Aria project support our branding philosophy but enhance it as well. When Michael and his team came into town, they trained us and prepared the staff so that failure on the project was not an option. My goal to by board of directors was to generate $300,000 in the week of the ARIA presentations. Michael challenged me and the staff to think bigger and helped us raise our expectations to new levels. We didn’t just hit our number, we completely blew it out of the water. In a challenged economy, we generated over $530,000 in new revenue and we wouldn’t have done without Michael and the ARIA team. In addition, we have only a seen a small amount of fallout from the seminar and are actually upgrading several of the accounts. The bottom line….is that my bottom line looks a lot better with the ARIA project!”

Joe Daguanno, President, Mid-West Family Broadcasting
St Joseph / Benton Harbor MI

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Your clients will react like this when they leave one of our workshops. This isn't seminar selling - it's education!

Listen to audio recordings of clients who have experienced our workshops. Imagine your prospects saying these kinds of things about YOUR event!

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