Yeah, But Does It Really Work?

You probably think you know all about in-market revenue programs - you know they can make money - but what do they do to your team? How long does the business stick? What about your reputation in the market?

On Friday I received a call from a business owner who purchased an advertising package from a station which ran our 'revenue.generator' program back in June. When he came to the workshop held by the station (and conducted by me), he was just transitioning into a new mortgage business. Not the best business to be in right now you might think!

During the session I explained to him (and everyone else there) what he'd been doing wrong with his ads in the past, how he should structure his budget, what to keep and what to get rid of and, most importantly, got him excited and fired up about the potential for making his business stand out and sound great - as long as he was wiling to commit to good, well constructed, well-placed, long-term advertising. He bought the package and, like we do for all such clients, we created a new commercial for him.

So, did it work? He called me specifically to let me know that, in a little over three months, he'd written over $135,000 in brand new business. All from this single campaign - for an investment of under $20,000. By the way, he was just one of the clients who bought - making up the $450,000 the station wrote in new business during the program.

At ARIA, our aim is to help you make money by making sure your clients do. That's what our 'revenue.generator' and Kickstarter programs are all about. Real information, real education, - truth about advertising for clients who really want to hear it. And solid, useful training for your sales team so they get absolutely the most they can from the program.

Want to make 2011 your best year ever? We really can help.

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Your clients will react like this when they leave one of our workshops. This isn't seminar selling - it's education!

Listen to audio recordings of clients who have experienced our workshops. Imagine your prospects saying these kinds of things about YOUR event!

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