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This page is a database of articles and downloadable white papers on many different aspects of sales training. You can search for any particular topic (e.g. "cold-calling") by typing it into the search box above the list of contents to the right. If you use the productivity tools in Connect (Calendar, Contacts, Workshop, Dashboard) you can use your dashboard results to see which areas of selling you have the most weak spots and then come to this page to find training resources to help you improve.

How's Your Body Language?

If you think your needs analysis and professional-looking proposal are going to get that prospect to sign on the dotted line, you’re only half-right. The other half of mastering any sale is the way you present it when you enter the prospect’s office. The key to any successful sale is to get the prospect to trust you and be comfortable enough with you to sign on the dotted line. How do you establish that trust and rapport? Follow these tips:

Use positive body language and gestures. Unfold your arms, uncross your legs, and remember to smile.
Match your prospect’s body language. This will psychologically cause him to identify with you. People trust people who they believe are similar to them. An effective way to begin matching is to subtly nod your head in agreement when your prospect nods his head.

Make eye contact, and listen with genuine interest. You are certain to create a bad impression if you give your prospect the idea that your brain is elsewhere. Restate in your own words what the prospect says to show you are listening.
Ask open-ended, clarifying questions. Open-ended questions require your prospect to give in-depth responses. People trust those who care what they think.

Dress and act professionally. Look sharp. Fair or not, we are judged on our appearance. Research indicates that people form a lasting impression of us within the first five minutes. If appropriate, occasionally call your prospect by her first name. The sweetest sound to a human’s ear is the sound of the person’s own name.
Source: Dartnell’s Sale$ Leader, 12/15/03

Sales Training