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Talk to People

You heard the comments from management and co-workers that this may be a tough first quarter. There have been all kinds of articles in the trades supporting the fact that this indeed may be a challenging quarter. But you didn’t expect it to be quite like this!

And now you are dealing with a major bout of call reluctance. It isn’t that you can’t talk to your current customers or to new prospective customers; it simply comes to your ability to take in and handle more negativity. Because of this you find it challenging to make that next call. What if they say no? What if they won’t meet with you? What if they jump on the ‘whoa is me’ bandwagon?

After awhile all of this can take its toll which leads to your call reluctance. So now what do you do? If you don’t turn this around it can kill your month, kill your quarter and even kill your year.

Start with changing your mindset from having to sell someone/something to simply working to have real conversations. And I mean talk, not chats about the weather, not what has been in the news, not how ya’ doing?

And keep in mind, strong conversations start with asking great questions. So start asking about what is making them money right now, what is not? Who is walking through the door, and who is not? What customers have left for the competition and what customers are sitting on their hands?

Sales trainer Jim Doyle calls this a “Time Out Call.” This is where you are saying “Time Out,” let’s stop and talk about the basics elements that make your business tick. This will set you apart as a true professional, and if you bring back ideas that they believe will work then you stand out as the expert.

It is easy for me to say this. But what happens if you don’t? What happens if you didn’t call on that small business owner who is really struggling and needs that idea to help them survive?

Great radio salespeople understand that money flows to good ideas. But nothing starts until you find out what ideas they are seeking and that starts with a conversation.

I know you can do it!

By Dave Doetsch – Director of Sales, Mid-West Family Broadcasting Springfield IL

Sales Training