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Ready To Commit

What does commitment mean to you? It's a complex concept, loaded as it is with all sorts of emotional baggage. Commitment implies a promise, usually long-term, always serious. It's what men are supposed to be most afraid of in relationships and yet what women are supposed always to want. Commitment implies finality, a decision, a state of no-going back. Commitments have weight, they are not to be treated lightly.

And yet, despite these often negative emotional associations, real commitments usually have the opposite effect. True commitments signal an end to grid-lock, a course of action. In this way, they are liberating; they provide the freedom we need to do what needs to be done.

What is 'closing' a radio airtime contract if it isn't two people agreeing to commit to a course of action together? You know that feeling - how positive it is for both parties when that commitment is finally made, the agreement done, the contract signed and work begins.

Whenever you have experienced that feeling, wasn't it also true that it only occurred because of all the work you put in beforehand, because of your belief in yourself, what you were selling and your ability to communicate that belief to your client?

This, really, is the true beauty of commitment. It's commmunicable and catching, like a virus. The greater your belief in what you're doing, the greater your commitment to your role, the easier that commitment can be shared by others. This communication is real, it's not something you can fake. We've all met sales people who have made eloquent, persuasive arguments about a product, yet if we felt they didn't really believe in what they were doing, weren't truly committed to their role, they couldn't convince us to buy.

All of us have a tendency to vacillate, to make excuses, to search for the easier, softer way. We are ingenious in our ability to avoid commitment. But in the long run, not being fully committed is a short cut that doesn't get you where you want to go. Your true potential will never be realised unless you focus on something and commit to it fully.

Remember, you are not always going to be selling the best station on the planet. You will often be going against competitors whose product is superior, whose figures are better, whose rates are better value. But these things are beyond your control. Your focus has to be on doing what you have chosen to do and committing to that decision completely. If you don't want to do what you're doing, then stop doing it - choose something else entirely if you need to. But doing anything by half measures will never fill you up.

The good news is that once you do commit, your eventual success is almost guaranteed. It is the one, single recurring theme of every successful individual, of every successful company, of all success. Successful people are described in many ways - constantly optimistic, resilient, never deterred, full of energy etc. etc. But at heart, all those descriptions point to commitment - making a decision to get the job done, no matter what. Once this decision is made, eventually everything else falls into place. The German philosopher Goethe put it, typically, well; "At the very point of commitment, the universe conspires to assist in your success."

That sounds like the kind of help we could all use.

Matt Hackett, CEO ARIA Inc.

Sales Training