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The Four Steps To Creating Change In You

In order to become truly adept at selling, a salesperson must be exposed to the basics of selling and then have the opportunity to practice, to review, to practice more and then to have the benefit of continuing education. Effective sales behavior isn't so much a skill as it is a habit, and developing the habit requires repetition as well as a continuing exposure to new sales skills and ideas.

The personal characteristics needed for success at selling are:

1. The hunger to learn
2. Self-motivation
3. The discipline to stay with it
4. Confidence in one's abilities
5. Good communications skills and,
6. Product knowledge

It's quite a list, and few of these abilities are in the genes. Even fewer are fully developed in the womb. However, we can all change things about ourselves if the desire is really there.

I am sure you have heard that there is pain in change. Well it's true, if you are determined to change in order to develop the necessary qualities for success in sales, and then expect a little trauma along the way.

To begin, make an effort to become aware of what you need to change in order to succeed. Find yourself a critic; your sales manager is probably your best bet.

Once you know what needs changing, then apply it against the following four stages: determine which stage each element you need to change is currently and make a conscious effort to work your way up.

The four stages on the road to change are:

Stage 1) Subconscious Incompetence - doing something incorrectly while being unaware.
Stage 2) Conscious Incompetence - being aware that you are doing something incorrectly.
Stage 3) Conscious Competence - means being aware you are working at doing something correctly.
Stage 4) Subconscious Competence - means transcending the first three steps and doing something correctly without consciously thinking about it.

It takes 28 to 32 days of Conscious Competence (Stage 3) to make the desired leap to Stage Four; to change anything.

It is simple but it isn't easy.

Sell without Regret.

Michael Tate

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