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Somebody Is Watching

Most of you have probably received or read one of those emails that says something like “mail this to 10 friends and good luck will be bestowed upon you 10 minutes later” or similar. Of course the email will generally include some kind of wonderful sentiment not unlike “dance like nobody is watching”.

We should, shouldn't we? Dance like nobody is watching? Live like every day is our last?

Absolute freedom from self may be impossible but it's an ideal we all should aspire to; after all we are perfect in our creation (just not created perfectly).

Yet the questions I propose to you today aren’t about your courage or desire to be comfortable within your own skin. The questions I want to ask you are; aside from ‘dancing’ what is it that you are doing when nobody is watching? What are you like when the world isn't watching? What are you practicing? What are you conditioning into yourself?

Are you working just as effectively? Do you remain just as reliable and full of integrity? Who appears when you are convinced that no one is lurking behind you? You? Are you just as responsible in the dark as in the light? Just as faithful and true? Are you just as considerate of others? Do you act as you speak? Do you present to your clients the same way you role-play sales processes back at the office? Do you tell the boss what your client really said?

Isn't true inner-freedom and true-life success partially dependent on what you do and who you really are when nobody is watching?

Whatever you think, feel, and do when you are alone (when nobody is watching), won't that ultimately and directly reflect what it is you truly believe of yourself; your true character today, at this very moment?

What are you practicing and conditioning yourself to do, to be, and think?

For example if you cheat when nobody's watching who are you really deceiving?

I recall a time when I once fudged my own golf score to make myself feel better about my ability and myself. Yet I wasn't even on the course with anyone else - no one was there. My ego got the better of me; it deceived me from the truth. It deceived me from me. I was simply cheating me and taking away an opportunity to change and grow. Hadn't I also cheated myself out of some inner-peace?

When we allow mediocrity and soft untruths to eek into our lives we allow in a burden that will continue to grow, a burden we simply don't need. If something is not quite true then it is completely false. Don't kid yourself, there are no grey areas. The truth perhaps is different for each of us but for each of us there is pure unadulterated truth.

Consider then some of the keys for achievement; the seeds of our lives are often sown when nobody is watching.

Contemplate the athlete whose world-beating feat is observed by millions, who spends years preparing while nobody is watching. What about the multi-millionaire who runs a lucrative company? He or she may spend years even decades working late into the night while nobody watching.

What is it you do while nobody is watching?

Sell without regret.

Michael Tate

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