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Yes Or No

Have you heard or said this lately: "Yeah-no, yeah" or "No, yeah-no."?

Have you noticed this tendency in our verbal communication?

Wavering insecurely between "yes" and "no", we've begun bonding these two words together into a single expression. When we want to say "yes", we attach a denial onto it: "Yeah, no, we can do that."

Often we don't state a simple "no" either; we get around it with a most doubtful qualifier, not unlike: "No, yeah, I can't."

A stranger to the nuances of the English language could be excused for becoming confused by all these positives metamorphosing into negatives and back again. Sometimes, "yeah, no, yeah" seems to be used just to fill the void of an uncomfortable silence. But why are we doing this?

Have we become so uncertain within ourselves and of ourselves that we are finally, unknowingly verbalizing our fear and lack of confidence in ourselves? “Yeah-No?” “No-Yeah?” “Yeah-No-Yeah?”

In selling, uncertainty and fear are two elements we confront and deal with on a daily and sometimes an hourly basis. Yet these days even the most confident of us tends to stumble over the finality and decisiveness of verbalizing a simple "yes" or "no".

As radio salespeople we can't afford to be confused about what it is we are saying in front of (or asking of) our clients and prospects or anyone else for that matter.

Change the way you think, feel, and speak. If you hear yourself speaking using this confusion of words, pull yourself up, become aware and change.

Become clear about what it is you want to say before you open your mouth.

Make a decision about what it is you want to say before you say it, but ultimately make a decision not to be undecided, and you will find that your prospects and clients will begin to make some decisions too.

Sell without Regret

Michael Tate

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Sales Training