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The Treacherous Trio

Introducing....“The Treacherous Trio” - or, “Three Things I Know Really But Pretend I Don't”, or, simply, “Doh!”

1) Your car is not always your friend.

As sad as this may be to admit, your car may be costing you money. No, not in gas and insurance and parts and payments, but in actual radio sales contracts. That's right, your car may be stealing commissions out from right under your nose. The next time you drive to an appointment, think for a moment about how you use your car. Often, you get in at the station, drive straight to the appointment (sometimes listening to the radio), get out, meet your prospect, get back in and drive back to the station or on to the next appointment. Sounds OK. But now ask yourself this. How many businesses do you drive past on the way? How many of those businesses do you take the time to notice, make a note of, check if they're advertisers already and resolve to call them if they're not?

When you've finished your appointment, how often do you stop before you get into your car, take a walk around the area, looking once again for potential new clients? Think of it this way. If you have five potential prospects in the same area (within walking distance of the same parking space!!), how many more appointments do you have time for in a day? As a general sales tip, try walking around a bit. It'll improve your productivity and your health.

2) Coca Cola is a manufacturer, not a retailer.

Oh how we love retail brands. Product, price, location. All the stuff that radio was built to sell. Think again. When you're on your sales walkabout, try writing down ALL the businesses you see. Don't reject any of them without knowing for a fact that they don't want to advertise with you (usually you can't know this until you ask them). How does this increase your productivity? Simple. It means a) that your weekly cold call list will be different from that of every other media sales rep in your area, so b) the people you call won't have fifty other people calling them as well and therefore c) you'll get more appointments from the same amount of calls.

3) People Lie

As shocking as this may be to realize, your prospects are lying to you. I'm sorry, but it's true. Go through your current list of “potential sales”. You know, all those people who are ‘interested’, but haven't quite committed yet. Add up the total dollar value of those proposals. How many of them have put you off at least three times with some excuse like “I'm interested, but we're still finalizing budgets”, or “After the print campaign we're going to assess our needs and you're in the mix”, or “Come back after Labor Day”?

The truth? They really mean “No, thanks.” Let them go and move on. Only have your hands full with people who do want your product. This alone should increase your productivity by about 25%.

4) Stop reading this article

What? Haven't you got work to do?

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