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Turkey Dip

I love Thanksgiving. It's the one holiday that really feels shared on a national level. It creates that wonderful sense that millions upon millions of people, regardless of background or belief, are all sharing in the same rituals and joys, just for a day at least.

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving comes at a bad time for radio sales people because it marks the start of the Holiday season. "What?" I hear you cry, "What could be bad about the holiday season? Lots of cheer, good times, big consumer spending resulting from big ad spending. What's the problem?"

Of course for airtime sales people, this is a wonderful time of year for billing, but it isn't always such a great time of year for selling - mostly for psychological reasons. You can feel the productivity dip in the air all around right now - and what would be a sigh of relief after a whole year of hard work, starts four weeks early, thanks to Thanksgiving.

It's easy to do; especially if Christmas bookings are good. Plus when you add in the extra holiday days, the company Christmas party, people taking extra leave and just how doggone tired everyone is - well, is it any wonder that January is always such a billing nightmare?

So, this year, if you can, use Thanksgiving as a well-earned refresher - a chance to get rested before the final four-week push. Remember that the traditional January dip is a great opportunity for your clients and prospects to really stand out on air - and to get some good frequency going before sales begin to pick up again a few weeks later. And simply addressing these problems on behalf of your clients now, will make you different from the rest of the pack - something that's sure to be appreciated.

Lastly, there is still time to sell nice-sized local campaigns for Christmas itself - so check back in on Monday for a few more ideas and some great downloads you can use to help boost December even further.

In the meantime - have a wonderful Thanksgiving - you deserve it.

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