Tips & Updates

This page is a database of tips on how to get the most out of the whole Connect site. You probably started here in all the pages under the "Connect" tab - but there's so much more. This page has lots of ways you can explore and start using all the features Connect has to offer.

2013 Radio Sales Promotion Calendar

This is a fantastic complete-year proposal calendar, done out in an Excel spreadsheet. It lists all the most important Holidays and promotions, month by month, as well as hundreds of fun days and dates that can be turned into sales campaigns or fun on-air.

Plus, there are separate tabs showing production lead times and a complete year overview. What's more, all the promotions highlighted in RED will have ARIA Connect sales proposals available for them in advance here on the site. You can download it here.

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Valentine's Vault Campaign

Here's another great Valentine's Day campaign - this one designed to get your listeners to listen to the content of your commercial breaks!

For assistance with downloading / customizing any of the templates inside the Workshop, CLICK HERE to go to the LEARNING CENTER. Or you can call us, toll-free, on 1-800-526-0538

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Commercial Script Template

How do you make sure you're getting all the correct information you need before preparing a commercial script for a client? Do you just take general notes? How professional do you appear? Why not use our professional commercial script template? It's just one of the downloadable and customizable items in the Creative Proposal Workshop.

For assistance with downloading / customizing any of the templates inside the Workshop, CLICK HERE to go to the LEARNING CENTER. Or you can call us, toll-free, on 1-800-526-0538

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Customizable Cold-Calling Script

Everyone hates cold-calling! Unfortunately, regardless of how much 'relationship selling' you do, there remains no better way of generating suitable volume of brand new appointments than by perfecting your cold-calling skills.

Of course, turning up in person to every potential new prospect is preferable to bad cold-calling, (which is why so many people do it) but it's extremely time-consuming and automatically lowers your potential volume of prospects. Good cold-calling allows you to efficiently pre-screen your potential prospects and set truly useful first appointments. In our sales training programs, we emphasize excellent cold-calling starting with a good script.

Everyone should have their own cold-calling script. It will make you sound a little mechanical at first, but that's OK - better to sound mechanical and accurate than "real" and stumbling. As you practice and progress, you will adjust the script to suit your own voice and soon it will be come as natural as if you were speaking face to face.

We've created a good starting script for you, which you can use from inside Connect, or print out. You can customize your own version inside Connect and save it in your account.

For assistance with downloading / customizing any of the templates inside the Workshop, CLICK HERE to go to the LEARNING CENTER. Or you can call us, toll-free, on 1-800-526-0538

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Have You Customized A Sales Proposal Lately?

You may have read the blogs and sales training materials or even listened to the podcasts - but have you browsed our huge library of sales proposals? And if you have - have you customized them inside Connect - adding your own station logos, text and pricing and printing them out - right from your Connect account?

If you haven't, then you're not getting the most out of Connect. This site contains literally hundreds of great, beautifully designed sales proposals that you can customize, print and start selling in your market today.

Start by clicking on the "Creative Proposal Workshop" tab at the very top of this page. There you can browse the proposals in the main window (as thumbnails) or in the Proposal Library to the left. Clicking on any proposal name will show you its thumbnail. And clicking on "Preview Proposal" will open it up in another window for you to take a detailed look at.

Just click on "Build This Proposal" on any one you like, and it will open up, ready for you to customize.

For a complete video on using the Creative Proposal Workshop, click here

Now - Email Straight From Connect!

You may have noticed some changes to Connect as we added some updates and new features over the weekend. One of the most noticeable is our new email feature. Now, from any individual contact page, you can email any proposal straight to that contact. We've also added instant syncing with Gmail, so if you have a Gmail account, you can import your contacts directly and keep them up to date easily.

You can even email a link to any file you upload to your Document and Media storage. So, you can upload spec spots, proposals, rate cards, flyers, video - any digital file - into your Connect account, and email a link to that file direct to any contact you've stored in Connect. No more worrying about files that are too big for your contacts' email boxes, or firewalls, or anything else that can stop your digital files from getting through to your contacts.

To get all these features, try upgrading your Connect account to a free Premium Trial account today. Nothing to pay - you don't even have to enter credit card information.

Store Audio and Media Files Inside Connect

Now you can store media files (spec spots, other audio, videos etc.) and documents (proposals, letters, rate cards, agreements, schedules etc.) inside your Connect account. Not only that - you can store documents and media for each of your contacts separately - and keep those files connected to those clients and contacts.

We've just added a new "Documents and Media" feature to the Client Center and to the Manage Your Account sections of your Connect account. Now, when you select any of your contacts and go to that contact's page inside Connect, click on the "Documents and Media" tab and upload any files you want. They'll be stored inside Connect and stay linked to that Contact.

Why do this? Well, now you can keep all your spec spots and other files and documents for clients all in one place - right with that contact's information. And, because Connect is an online system, when you access your account from any computer anywhere - those files and documents will be right there. You can even access a client's spec spots and play them right from the client's computer in his office!

When you're at home, now all your important docs and even your production can be right there at home with you, without you having to burn copies onto CD or remember to do backups onto a memory stick.

Plus - if you have an iPhone, you can access a client's files right from your phone. So you can upload a spec spot into that contact's page in Connect from your desktop computer at the station, and play it to the client from your iPhone in his office!

We've also added some general storage space in the Manage Your Account section. You can use this to store general documents you always want access to, like rate cards, scripts, letters, agreements etc. Check out the Documents and Media" tab now!

Print Out Your Calendar

Here's another great Connect tip. Of course, you can print out your appointments from the Calendar - but Connect goes one step further. When you want to print, you can choose exactly what you print - how long in terms of a week, a day, a month, a quarter, last seven days, next month - just about any combination you can think of, including your own custom dates. And your print out comes nicely formatted for easy reading.

If you don't already have a Premium account, click on "Try Connect Premium" at the top of the page.

No Need To Sync: Today's Connect 'Did You Know?':

Connect has literally hundreds of unique features that you can use to make your selling more productive. In this section, we'll be taking a look at some of the ones you may not know about....

Connect is a completely online system, which means of course that you can access it form any computer, and your account will always be the same. But have you considered what this means for other functions - like the Calendar? If you use Outlook for example as a calendar, you're probably used to having to 'sync' your computer with your hand-held device; and you have probably ended up thinking that your calendar can only be on one desktop computer at a time - at least only up to date on one at a time!

With Connect, syncing and having different versions of anything anywhere is a thing of the past. If you sue Connect's Calendar for your appointments, they will always be up to date regardless of which computer you access your account from.

Plus, if you have a fully web-enabled handheld device (iPhone, Blackberry Storm or Palm Pre), you can access your Connect Calendar from that by going to - and you'll find its always bang up to date too - without ever needing to be 'synced'! Simple!

The Calendar is available to Premium and Manager users. For a free 30-day trial of Connect Premium, click on the "Try Connect Premium" button at the top of Connect.

Generate Leads with Free Plug Friday

We've upgraded our hugely popular Free Plug Friday proposal kit to match our new Interactive Sales Campaigns feature in Connect. Now you can get everything you need, including the ability to instantly build a real signup web page to get local businesses to register at. All contacts generated this way automatically appear in your Connect Manager account; and you can assign them to any member of your sales team.

So, get started generating new leads and selling more airtime today. If you don't already have a Connect Manager account, just click on "Try Connect Manager" at the top of this site - it's completely free for 30 days - and you don't even need to enter any credit card info.

Then click on the Learning Center link above and watch the videos on getting Free Plug Friday started straight away!

For help getting it set up, call 1-800-526-0538. Or, book an online demo by clicking here

Big Changes to Connect!

Look out for some big changes to ARIA Connect by the end of the day today. We've spent the last six weeks redesigning and refining the site - and adding a host of great new features to make the Connect experience better than ever! Here's a quick look at the changes you can expect to see:

*New home pages design: we've created a complete new look to make it easier than ever to find out what's new on the site and how to create your own account.

*Expanded Interactive Sales Campaigns: we've refined our latest great feature. Now with Interactive Sales Campaigns you can build collaborative mailing and invite lists - and run online campaigns that generate leads, manage listener responses.

*New 'Learning Center': a brand new section in Connect containing online videos on all aspects of using and getting the most out of Connect - now it's easier than ever to get started.

*Integrated Sales Proposals: we're adding more proposals for you to customize that take advantage of every aspect of Connect; proposals that contain great creative ideas, artwork, web banners, audio production, plus everything you need to turn them into online campaigns and generate listener response and sales leads.

The even better news is that even with all these additions, there's no price increase for Premium or Manager Accounts. Individual Premium accounts give you access to everything except Integrated Sales Campaigns - for only $14.99 per month. And Basic accounts are free - and give you access to all blogs, sales training, audio files etc. in the Info Center and to the Creative Proposal Workshop.

Generate Hundreds of New Leads

You've probably noticed we've made some changes to the design and names of the sections inside Connect; these changes have been made so that the function of each section is as clear as possible. Over the next couple of weeks you'll be seeing quite a lot more changes as well, especially to the home page and in the help sections.

There's also a brand new section - "Interactive Sales Campaigns": this section is available to all Connect Manager accounts and allows users to create on-air campaigns which call for listeners to fill in some kind of response online - and you can build those response web pages right inside Connect. What's more, everything a listener fills in on the web page you create (their name, address, answer to a quiz question, appointment to come to a remote etc.), automatically appears inside your Connect account!

Interactive Sales Campaigns is a really powerful tool for collecting listener response, generating new sales leads, managing remotes and special events like bridal shows etc. It's an indispensable tool in your prospecting and NTR arsenal.

Why not try it out today, by upgrading your account to a Manager Trial? It's completely free and you don't even need to enter your credit card details. And we have ARIA staff available to help you through every step in the process - also completely free.

Click on "Try Connect Manager" at the top of this page.

ARIA Server Upgrades

Over the last couple of weeks we've moved and upgraded our servers - the machines that store and retrieve all of the software that runs our programs as well as our users information and accounts. You should notice an increase in speed and responsiveness, especially when inputting data - for example when logging in, adding contacts, creating appointments in the Calendar etc.

We've also added a bunch of small but useful upgrades to the Connect software - check out the new contacts search features which allow you to search dynamically through your contacts by field - company, first name, last name, email address and have all the matches pulled up instantly.

To get the best from our new features, you may want to clear your browser's cache. In Firefox (the browser we recommend using with Connect for optimum response), you can do this by clicking on >Tools > Clear Private Data and selecting "cache".

Take A Manager Tour!

We've created a set of videos explaining just some of the amazing features of Connect Manager. You can check them out here. Connect Manager is the first system that focuses on the actual sales process - from getting a new lead, through appointment setting, through the creative process, through closing - which allows the radio sales manager unprecedented access and control over every aspect.

*With Connect Manager, you can see exactly what each of your team members is doing right and wrong - and get the tools to help them.

*Connect Manager saves you literally hours of time by creating customizable activity, productivity, billings and pipeline reports in five seconds!

* Connect Manager helps you manage the creative process - giving you amazing proposals and allowing you to control who sells what, when.

* Connect Manager lets you set not just billings targets - but productivity targets as well.

*Best of all, Connect Manager is easy and fun for your sales team to use, and doesn't require any 'double entry' of information to get the tracking and sales statistics you need - so your team becomes more creative, more productive and more transparent immediately.

You can sign up for an entirely FREE trial of Connect Manager by clicking on the "Try Connect Manager" blue button at the very top of Connect.

Free One-Month Manager Trial

Connect Manager is the most powerful and easy to use way to keep track of your entire sales team. You can see the productivity and progress of every team member online at a glance - and, more importantly, see which parts of the sales process they're having problems with - and download the tools you need to fix things together.

Set billings targets AND productivity targets; manage your team's contacts, create proposals to be shared by your team or by a station, or by individual sellers; see real-time statistics on every aspect of your sales process in beautiful graphs; customize the entire system for your particular team, and create detailed management reports in, literally, seconds.

Try Connect Manager FREE, for 30 days - with no credit card needed to sign up. Your trial even includes online training and demos to make sure you get started right for you. For your free trial, click on "try connect manager" at the top of the page.

Premium Users Get It All For Free

Even though there's a lot in Connect for free even for Basic users, our Connect Premium account has to be the best value for any radio seller. Premium users get access to all Premium Workshop content for free! Just this week we've posted $40 worth of pre-produced audio cuts for Premium proposals, designed to make selling those campaigns a no-brainer (even if you don't use them on-air, they make fantastic spec spots to seal the deal with clients). As a Premium user you could have them all for free!

But did you also know that by upgrading to Premium, Connect becomes a complete sales system for you to use to sell more and sell better.

With Connect premium you can:

a) Get More Creative and Sound Better to Your Clients - access Premium content in the Workshop
b) Customize Connect for Your Stations - the ability to add an unlimited number of stations that you sell and track everything you create for them all
c) Be More Organized - see instant proposal histories - browse, open and change any proposal you've ever created for any client.
d) Be More Flexible - get the ability to create long-term contracts, create and close any kind of proposal for any client and track everything automatically
e) Be More Productive - get access to the dashboard - the most comprehensive set of billings and productivity tracking tools ever created exclusively for radio sellers
f) Save Hours of Time - get instant reporting - our newly upgraded reporting feature is soooooo cool. Create call reports in seconds for sales meetings, manager reports - anything you need.

And for only $14.99 per month, it just might be the cheapest investment you ever make in your career. Upgrade today by clicking on the "Upgrade To Premium" link next to the Connect logo at the top left.

Upgrade Your Account

The New Year is the perfect time to start afresh - new energy, new focus and a new determination to do better than ever before.

Connect Premium is the most comprehensive, useful and powerful online productivity system designed exclusively for radio sellers.

And you can get your subscription for a discount of up to 22% this end of year season.

A subscription to Connect Premium gives you:

A Creative Proposal Workshop with constantly updated ideas, sales and on-air props you can customize for your stations: make amazing, professional, artistic sales proposals in just minutes for multiple prospects.

Billing and Tracking Tools for unlimited numbers of stations: track all your sales, billings and commissions, create proposals containing airtime over multiple stations, monthlies, annuals etc.

Intelligent Calendar that 'reads' your tasks and events and makes suggestions to improve your productivity as you work

Radio Contact Manager to keep track of prospects and clients, proposals, billings, creative briefs, renewals and notes.

Advanced Productivity Dashboard: follow your own performance, see where you succeed and where you could improve - and download the training and tools you need all in one place.

Instant Reporting: create call-sheets, target and budget reports, forecasts and info for your managers in seconds - never spend hours filling in laborious call sheets again!

Blogs, Sales Training, Sales Ideas, updated daily.

Plus - always FREE access to all premium content, audio files, production and premium proposals (minimum $50 per month value).

Subscribe today for 6 months of Connect Premium for a one-time payment of only $76 (reg. cost $89.94 - a 15.5% discount!)

Or, subscribe for 12 months of Connect Premium for a one-time payment of only $140 (reg cost $179.88 - a 22% discount!) and receive a free commercial script and production package from ARIA for your favorite client - a $400 value! Click here to find out more.

Connect For Sales Managers

Connect Manager is a powerful new way to Connect your sellers together. It gives you, as the manager, unprecedented access and control over the day to day activities, targets and results of your team. ARIA Connect is the one-stop resource for radio station sales people, sales managers and sales teams. For the first time ever, Connect combines sales training, creative services, NTR, productivity tools, client management and a radio sales community in one simple-to-use site.

Now, for sales managers, Connect is the first and only way to link up your entire sales team in one place; and it provides a simple solution for most every day problems sales managers face: find out how Connect Manager can bring your sales team together, save you hours of management time and increase your billings; click here to email us with your name and phone number and we'll call you back the same day.

Happy Thanksgiving from ARIA Connect

At ARIA we have a lot to be thankful for this year: in a little over four months over 1500 people representing over 1200 stations from every state in the US have created accounts on Connect - and the number grows every week.

We're also thankful that we finished our Manager Version of Connect - a completely unique way for sales managers in stations of any size to gain an unprecedented level of control over the daily sales process, and provide training, creativity and encouragement to their sales teams at the same time. You'll be able to find out everything about this great new service from ARIA in a week's time and create your own account online.

Most of all though, we're thankful to be working in what is and will continue to be the most dynamic and interesting of all media - radio. As technologies change, the intimate relationship that radio has with its listeners will turn out to be its constant and unchallengeable USP - whether people listen over a radio set, in their cars, over the Internet or via their phones.

So, even though times are hard, let's count our blessings this Thanksgiving. Thank you for joining and using Connect and for contributing to this great industry of ours.

ARIA Sponsor of Radio Ink's Forecast 2009

Held each year during media week, Forecast is Radio Ink's annual radio industry financial conference. Now in its sixth year, this event gathers radio owners, CFOs, group executives, managers and Wall Street analysts to discuss conditions and predictions for the coming year. Forecast is the only conference of its kind in radio. Participants will hear about trends and opportunities, and meet the trendsetters. Though the primary focus is on the numbers, this conference examines the information that drives the numbers.

Radio Ink prides itself on its ability to present fresh perspectives and unique approaches to conferences within the radio broadcasting industry. The only conference of its kind, Forecast has become the premium event in radio financial circles.

In addition to the financial conference, each year we invite the 40 Most Powerful People In Radio to pick up their plaques and join us for cocktails in their honor. While the presence of each year's Top 40 ensures a who's who of radio in attendance, this year we're inviting the complete roster of Top 40 recipients since 1995. All registered conference attendees are guaranteed an invitation to the cocktail party.

Radio Ink's Forecast 2009 will be held at The Harvard Club in New York City. (Proper dress code is required, and no active press are allowed. No photographs, please.) Attendance is limited to 200 people. For more information on how you could attend this prestigious and enriching event click here.

We'll make the Holiday Season Full of Plenty!

You'll notice our first Holiday-themed promotional idea is out today. This will be just the first of a large number of promotions, ideas, proposals and articles we'll be preparing for you this Holiday season. While the economy may be down, we all know that for retailers, this is the most important season of the year and as local radio stations, our job is to make it as successful as we can for them.

ARIA Connect is here to help you do this in your market. We'll be focusing on not just airtime plans that work, but on the creative ideas and packaging you need to really stand out in what is likely to be the most cut-throat HOliday media season in some time.

Check in regularly over the next few weeks to see what's new.

New Look and New Functionality

You've probably noticed the new look of our site - but did you know how powerful Connect Premium is now? We've also released the beta of our incredible Manager Version; this allows sales managers to link up any number of Premium Accounts under one manager account, track and control every aspect of these Premium Accounts and aggregate all stats figures, creating a depth of knowledge about your sales and team that has never been possible before.

To find out more about the New Premium Account and the Manager Account, click here.

Major Upgrades to Basic and Premium Connect Accounts

Today we're excited to announce a range of upgrades to the Connect site: if you've used the sales and productivity tools on the site you'll notice immediately a wide range of design upgrades. More importantly, you'll see that you can name your station in your Profile and then track that station through your proposals and your billings.

For Premium users, the changes are even bigger. Now you can
* add multiple stations to your account and track them all separately
* Access a massively improved dashboard, tracing all your productivity stats, your sold contracts and your commissions
* Zoom in on different charts independently and choose the time period you want to track and chart - from 12 months in the past to 12 months in the future
* Prioritize your contacts and save them as a separate list for easy tracking
* Access complete proposal histories for all your contacts: go back and re-open old proposals, edit them, close them again - now you have complete control over all your proposals, contracts and billing histories
* Add booking dates when you sell a proposal. Book the money you close over multiple months - even add in and then track annuals and odd flights - and follow an overview of all your contracts in real time charts.
* Mark proposals as 'rejected' if a client doesn't like them, and keep them handy to present to other potential prospects.

If you currently use a basic account, you'll come across multiple areas where you can seethe difference a Premium Account can make. Get the most out of Connect and upgrade to Premium today! (Click on "Upgrade to Premium Account" at the top of your Connect page)

Having Trouble Getting Your Contacts Into Connect?

So, you like the info in the Connect tab, but you're not sure whether the rest of Connect (Workshop, Contacts, Calendar, Dashboard) is right for you. Is it too complex? Why shouldn't you use the Contact Manager you already have? Don't you need a Premium Account for it to work properly?

In fact, Connect's features are very simple to use and much better for radio sellers than other, generic, sales software or contact managers. Plus, they give a lot of feedback from very few inputs from you - it's a very proactive system.

But, they do need a little kickstart. The best way is to get some of your contact info into the Contacts section. Once you've done this, your Calendar events can be customized for contacts, you can associate these contacts with proposals you create in the Workshop, the money you make will be automatically tracked and so on.

Adding contacts may seem tricky, but it's really a snap. Click on this link for full, detailed info on getting any of your contacts into Connect. And don't forget - you can call us any time, toll-free, on 1-800-526-0538 for live help from a real person on any issue you have.

New Event-Types Added to the Calendar

We've added two new event types to the drop-down lists when you're adding events to the Calendar; under "Sales Task" you can now choose "Sales Meeting" and under "Appointment with Contact" you can now select "Remote".

To add events to the Calendar, just click anywhere on the grid you want to add an event, and the event dialog will open up. First, choose the general type of event from the drop-down list (Sales Task, Appointment, General Task or Personal Event) and then specify which exact type of event it is you are entering, using the second drop-down list.

Why do it this way? If you're used to using a regular calendar like Outlook, you'll notice that all events / appointments you add are general - whatever text you enter, that creates the event. That's because these are 'dumb calendars' - in other words, these calendars do not know what kind of event or appointment you're entering - so they can't offer you any additional help.

Connect's proprietary, patented events calendar reads the events you're entering, and offers suggestions for things you might like to do to prepare for those events in the Suggestion Box. Also, because Connect can read your events, it makes creating and printing call reports a complete breeze - no additional data entry is necessary.

Smart, huh?

Chrome Shines for Fast ARIA Connect Browsing

This week Google released their new web browser, Chrome. We've given it a good run through at ARIA and have been very impressed with the speed and simplicity of its web browsing. Quite simply, it seems to make general web surfing noticeably faster than all other browsers, including the latest versions of IE, Firefox and Safari.

In addition, it has a number of neat features, like displaying your favorite web sites as thumbnails, storing downloaded files as a separate toolbar and displaying them as a web page and, of course, merging the browser's address bar with Google search seamlessly (try it - you'll see what we mean!).

Best of all though - it makes all ARIA Connect features run super-fast, even on a wireless connection; so we recommend it to all Connect users for this purpose. To find out more, visit

Searching For What You Need In Connect

The whole of the "Connect" tab area content is searchable.

If you enter words or phrases in the search box in the blue area at the top of the page (where it says "Search this site"), you'll get results from all the different Connect page sections (proposals, audio, sales training, blog etc.)

If you use the search boxes in the right hand column of each individual section, you'll get results just from the content in that section. So, for example if you want to find all the Connect content there is to do with "auto", use the search box at the top and you'll get a range of content from different sections. If instead you want to find only blog articles mentioning the word "auto", then go to the "radio blog" section and type "auto" into the search box in the right sidebar.

Connect Manages Your Contacts

A great way to start using all the extended features of Connect is to import your contacts into Connect's Contact Manager. Connect is specially designed for radio sales people, so it's Contact Manager is more useful than something like Outlook and easier to use than something like

With Connect's Contact Manager, you can see what stage in the sales process each of your contacts is at; track how much they've spent with you, create sales proposals for specific contacts, add CNA and creative brief info. Plus, you can enter contacts either individually or upload a batch from Outlook.

Just click here to go to the Contacts page to start entering your contacts now.

Use Connect To Keep Track Of Your Billings

Did you know that Connect will automatically track your asks, your billings and your commissions? And link all this information automatically to your contacts and clients?

Just use the Workshop to make / edit / customize your proposals, and click on the "Contract Details" tab. You can enter the price information of the proposal and, by clicking on a contact name in the Contact list on the left, associate that proposal with that contact.

You can also enter the commission rate you'd receive if you managed to close the contract.

When you go into the Contacts page and click on the same contact, you'll see the details of that latest proposal you made associated with them right there. If you close the contract, just click the "Close Proposal" button on that contact's page, or on the proposal itself back in the Contract Details tab in Workshop.

When a contract is closed, that money will show up in the chart on that contact's page. Neat and simple.

Let Connect Pull You Through

Did you know that Connect's 'Suggestion Box' creates suggestions for things you can do to improve your sales? What's more, it creates them based on events and appointments you add into the calendar.

Try it; click anywhere on the Calendar to add an event. Then wait a while and see if Connect comes up with something you might want to do to prepare for that event or appointment.

It's just one of the ways Connect can gently pull you through best-practice sales if you use all the sections (Calendar, Contacts and Workshop).