Tips & Updates

This page is a database of tips on how to get the most out of the whole Connect site. You probably started here in all the pages under the "Connect" tab - but there's so much more. This page has lots of ways you can explore and start using all the features Connect has to offer.

Having Trouble Getting Your Contacts Into Connect?

So, you like the info in the Connect tab, but you're not sure whether the rest of Connect (Workshop, Contacts, Calendar, Dashboard) is right for you. Is it too complex? Why shouldn't you use the Contact Manager you already have? Don't you need a Premium Account for it to work properly?

In fact, Connect's features are very simple to use and much better for radio sellers than other, generic, sales software or contact managers. Plus, they give a lot of feedback from very few inputs from you - it's a very proactive system.

But, they do need a little kickstart. The best way is to get some of your contact info into the Contacts section. Once you've done this, your Calendar events can be customized for contacts, you can associate these contacts with proposals you create in the Workshop, the money you make will be automatically tracked and so on.

Adding contacts may seem tricky, but it's really a snap. Click on this link for full, detailed info on getting any of your contacts into Connect. And don't forget - you can call us any time, toll-free, on 1-800-526-0538 for live help from a real person on any issue you have.