Tips & Updates

This page is a database of tips on how to get the most out of the whole Connect site. You probably started here in all the pages under the "Connect" tab - but there's so much more. This page has lots of ways you can explore and start using all the features Connect has to offer.

Take A Manager Tour!

We've created a set of videos explaining just some of the amazing features of Connect Manager. You can check them out here. Connect Manager is the first system that focuses on the actual sales process - from getting a new lead, through appointment setting, through the creative process, through closing - which allows the radio sales manager unprecedented access and control over every aspect.

*With Connect Manager, you can see exactly what each of your team members is doing right and wrong - and get the tools to help them.

*Connect Manager saves you literally hours of time by creating customizable activity, productivity, billings and pipeline reports in five seconds!

* Connect Manager helps you manage the creative process - giving you amazing proposals and allowing you to control who sells what, when.

* Connect Manager lets you set not just billings targets - but productivity targets as well.

*Best of all, Connect Manager is easy and fun for your sales team to use, and doesn't require any 'double entry' of information to get the tracking and sales statistics you need - so your team becomes more creative, more productive and more transparent immediately.

You can sign up for an entirely FREE trial of Connect Manager by clicking on the "Try Connect Manager" blue button at the very top of Connect.