Tips & Updates

This page is a database of tips on how to get the most out of the whole Connect site. You probably started here in all the pages under the "Connect" tab - but there's so much more. This page has lots of ways you can explore and start using all the features Connect has to offer.

Now - Email Straight From Connect!

You may have noticed some changes to Connect as we added some updates and new features over the weekend. One of the most noticeable is our new email feature. Now, from any individual contact page, you can email any proposal straight to that contact. We've also added instant syncing with Gmail, so if you have a Gmail account, you can import your contacts directly and keep them up to date easily.

You can even email a link to any file you upload to your Document and Media storage. So, you can upload spec spots, proposals, rate cards, flyers, video - any digital file - into your Connect account, and email a link to that file direct to any contact you've stored in Connect. No more worrying about files that are too big for your contacts' email boxes, or firewalls, or anything else that can stop your digital files from getting through to your contacts.

To get all these features, try upgrading your Connect account to a free Premium Trial account today. Nothing to pay - you don't even have to enter credit card information.