Tips & Updates

This page is a database of tips on how to get the most out of the whole Connect site. You probably started here in all the pages under the "Connect" tab - but there's so much more. This page has lots of ways you can explore and start using all the features Connect has to offer.

Have You Customized A Sales Proposal Lately?

You may have read the blogs and sales training materials or even listened to the podcasts - but have you browsed our huge library of sales proposals? And if you have - have you customized them inside Connect - adding your own station logos, text and pricing and printing them out - right from your Connect account?

If you haven't, then you're not getting the most out of Connect. This site contains literally hundreds of great, beautifully designed sales proposals that you can customize, print and start selling in your market today.

Start by clicking on the "Creative Proposal Workshop" tab at the very top of this page. There you can browse the proposals in the main window (as thumbnails) or in the Proposal Library to the left. Clicking on any proposal name will show you its thumbnail. And clicking on "Preview Proposal" will open it up in another window for you to take a detailed look at.

Just click on "Build This Proposal" on any one you like, and it will open up, ready for you to customize.

For a complete video on using the Creative Proposal Workshop, click here