ARIA Connect Importing Contacts Info

How do I get a batch of Outlook contacts into Connect?

To get a number of Outlook contacts into Connect at once, you'll need to export them from Outlook or Outlook Express as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file and then import this file into Connect. If you already have a CSV file that you exported from Outlook, then go to straight to "How to import a CSV file or a vCard into Connect".

To export your contacts as a CSV file, choose the "Import and Export Wizard" in Outlook and select "Export to a file." Then click the "Next" button.

Select "Comma Separated Values (Windows)" as the file type. Click "Next".

Select the "Contacts" folder to export from. Click "Next".

Choose a place on your computer you want to save the file. Click "Next".

Click "Finish".

You now have a batch of contacts saved on your computer as a CSV file. Click here for information on how to import saved CSV and vCard files into Connect.

How do I get a single Outlook contact into Connect?

First, export the single Outlook contact as a vCard file and then import that file into Connect.

  1. Open your "Contacts" file.
  2. Select the contact you want to export as a vCard. (In Outlook, a vCard can only contain one contact. To export multiple contacts, follow the instructions on exporting contacts as a batch).
  3. Click the "File" menu and choose "Save As" and in the "Save file as" select (*.vcf).
  4. Save the file to your desktop or another folder whose location you can remember. Then, go back into Connect to import the vCard you just created and saved.
Here's how to import a vCard or CSV file into Connect.

How do I get my Mac Address Book contacts into Connect?

To get your Mac Address Book contacts into Connect, you'll must first export them as a vCard and then import that vCard into Connect.

Open your Address Book application, and multiple select all the contacts you want to create as a vCard (by selecting them while holding the Apple key). Then drag them into a finder window open at the place you want to save the vCard.

They will automatically save as a vCard file, as below.

Then, you need to upload this file into Connect. Here's how to import a vCard or CSV file into Connect.

Can I import contacts from a generic CSV or Excel file into Connect, or import contacts from other programs like ACT?

You can import vCards made in any program that can create vCards. Simply export your vCard from that program, save it on your computer, and then import it into Connect.

Connect can import CSV files created when exporting contact information created in Outlook or Outlook Express. There is no default support for CSV files created in other programs, or for Excel files saved as CSV files. The reason for this, is that a CSV file is basically a set of columns of items (like first name, last name, telephone number etc.), each with it's own column heading. Connect recognizes the default column headings that Outlook gives to CSV files. In this way, Connect knows that what you entered into Outlook as a telephone number, is actually a telephone number and not a zip code, or a fax number or whatever; Connect then knows how to arrange this information correctly once it's imported.

If you create your own Excel files of contacts, the column headings you use may not be the same as those in Outlook, so Connect may not know how to arrange the information you import and your import will not be successful. At this time, Connect does not provide multiple field mapping to correct your column headings prior to importing them.

However, if you want to attempt to import a contact list into Connect from an Excel file or other database program (like ACT), you must FIRST make sure the column headings in your original file match Connect's default column headings. You can download a list of Connect's default headings here. Read the list, and change the headings in each column of your spreadsheet to match them, wherever relevant. AFTER you have done this, save the new spreadsheet as a CSV file and then you can attempt to import that new CSV file into Connect in the usual way.

Please note that only fields which match Connect's default headings will be imported and we can make no guarantees that your import will be 100% successful. Unfortunately we cannot offer individual technical support for importing contacts from programs other than Outlook.

How do I import a CSV file or a vCard into Connect?

Go to the main contacts page by clicking on the Contacts tab. Then click on "Import Contact(s)".

Click on the "Add" button. This will launch your computer's Explorer (windows) or Finder (Mac). Locate your saved vCard or CSV file and double click it.

Click on the green "Upload" arrow. Your contacts will be imported.

Can I import more than one contact at a time?

Yes. To see how to import multiple contacts with a CSV file, click here. To see how to import multiple contacts in a vCard, click here.

Does Connect support import of duplicate contacts?

Currently, no. If you import duplicate contacts they will appear in Connect. You can delete any contacts either individually or in multiples from the Contacts tab.

Can I export contacts from Connect?

Currently Connect does not support export of contact information. This may be a feature offered in the future.